Welcome back Roots families! It’s been so great to see everyone after a long break. The children came back to a whole new classroom setup!

This week we will be focusing on:

  1. Literacy
  2. Water flow
  3. Sound Helmets


We created a new designated area to support the Roots in their interests in the beginning of handwriting without tears. We noticed this interest due to their creation of “crab school.” This new section includes the wooden lines and curves used to help create letters, play dough with letter cards, whiteboards, and “crab school” is there as well. This gives them the opportunity to explore their letter creations in a designated area to continue this emerging interest.


Water Flow

The Roots have been continuously exploring with pouring water down the slide outside, so we decided to add bins with pipes inside for them to use. We gave them pvc pipes, as well as pool noodles, and a long styrofoam piece to experiment with.

We noticed that the Roots, while they were pouring water down the slides into the wood chips, were looking at where the water was ending up. So we decided to print up a few pictures for the children to compare and contrast. One picture was from the slide area outside, and the others were of snow and waves in the ocean.

While they looked at the pictures, the Roots commented that one looked like the desert. This gave us the idea to show in small groups 3 separate but similar videos.

These are some comments that were made:

Sand Dune:

Charlotte: It’s a hole!

Zion: The sand is moving!

Sadie: It looked like water

Charlotte: If it was water it might be the same. If we mix up water and sand it might be the same. But our sand doesn’t move like that sand.

Mila: It moves when you put water in it


Kaleb: Ice stays still. It’s a snowstorm!

Zion: It was raining, so it fell!

Charlotte: It stayed still and then it moved

Sadie: It moved down and everywhere


Charlotte: The snow is falling into the water

Kaleb: Why is it falling?

Zion: It’s falling because there’s so much snow. The snow is stuck together!

Charlotte: There’s an avalanche in the water!

We had also been noticing that when the Roots are outside exploring with pouring water, they place an item or mulch to block the water temporarily and then release it. This made us think of a dam and how when it opens, it releases water. So we decided to show the Roots a video of a dam opening, and then we asked them if they thought we could make our own dam.

Sound helmets

As part of Made Visible we have started our first week of exploration in this big project. We have noticed that sound is a reoccurring interest. We felt this was one avenue to showcase. The first step is to show how sound moves. Can you catch it? Can you control where and how far it goes? We put two bowls and stood back to back with the bowls facing each other, catching the sound.