“I made an open book!”

“I made an open book!”


Hello dear Stems families and friends!

Welcome to this week’s adventures in the Stems room!

Many of you may have noticed the white strips of paper on the wall near the light table in the ‘house area’ of the classroom which represent the different heights of each child. This idea stemmed from the Stems interest in measurements which had been demonstrated in various areas of the classroom over a period of time. This week during one of the assemblies, we introduced measuring tapes as well as numbers to see if the Stems showed interest in utilizing them during explorations. We did see an interest in the incorporation of these in the block area as well as in the sensory bin.

In this week’s blog, we will cover the following-

  • Literacy
  • Recipes + Transferring
  • Tinkering
  • Measuring



Whether stringing together a variety of letters to create words, copying words down from paper or memory, or making marks that represent words, we have seen the interest in literacy as well as skill-sets utilized in this interest evolve! 


Recipes + Transferring

To support the interest of transferring as well as extend the enthusiasm with the creation of ‘food’, we continued the use of flaxseed in the sensory bin as means of exploration for the Stems this week! Along with the flax seed, we added measuring spoons as well as a variety of kitchen utensils (whisk, various containers, etc.) for the Stems to utilize in their play. Some of the Stems incorporated the actual recipe cards in the creation of food, while others depended on their imaginations for the recipes. Regardless, we have continued to see sequencing in the process of creating (ex. first, next, then, etc.).



The methods and strategies that the Stems are incorporating into their tinkering and creating have advanced! As mentioned previously, we have continued to observe multiple steps or a process when some of the Stems are tinkering.  This correlates with the sequencing we have seen in the creation of recipes where planning is involved.


Measuring + Numbers

The measuring tapes were of interest to the Stems this week! The first day that the Stems were exposed to them, we set them out in the various areas that they requested they be. The next day during assembly to assist the Stems  in  gaining a strong foundation in measuring, we discussed the proper ways to measure. We covered  how we start measuring by placing the very tip of the measuring tape on the starting point of the item. We also spoke of how we start with the end that has #1 to make counting easier.

Thank you for joining us on this week’s journey! Enjoy the extra day off (Monday, Nov. 11) with your loved ones.

Have a wonderful & safe weekend,

Hugs- the Stems Educators