Monthly Archives: December 2018

Seedlings 12/3 – 12/10

Hello Seedlings Family!! NOTE:  This blog will contain updates from last week and the current week.  We apologize for the delay.   Last week we had an abundance of rain fall which created muddy puddles and fun.  The seedlings took advantage of this rare exploration of puddles.  They used the puddle as a source for

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Building, Lines, and Water

12.07.18 Hello dear Roots families- It was another great week in the Roots room. This week, we observed a lot of similarities from the last couple of weeks- lines/lining materials (part of the Positioning Schema Theory) and building (part of the Connecting Schema Theory) with a splash of water flow. The more similarities we observe from week to week,

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Building, Writing, and Dramatic Play

12.14.18 Dear Roots families- Happy Friday! This week in the Roots room, the Roots have continued to show great interest in building. To support that interest this week, we provided the students with Styrofoam squares/rectangles, boxes, Styrofoam balls, toothpicks, loose parts, as well as Legos. We have also observed the students forming letters both inside and

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