We Draw On Inspiration – Not Just On Paper.

Dot-to-Dot… Who Knows Where Today Will Lead!

If you are seeking a warm, progressive, and nurturing preschool and kindergarten to help your Dot get a head start on their tomorrow – Dot to Dot is the place for perspective learning and out-of-the-toy-box thinking.

Here at Dot to Dot, we provide your Dot with early connections to life. From the modern architecture with exposed ceilings down to our vegetable gardens where our Dots harvest snacks, we believe in having a natural connection to learning. Our little Dots are encouraged to go against the grain and build confidence beyond the classroom.

The non-traditional tools at Dot to Dot are making us rethink about the way we teach our Dots to think about the world around them. Each classroom is based off of Dot readiness not age. This allows us to specialize to each Dot’s individual needs. That is just another way Dot to Dot is helping preschoolers start off on the right foot.

  • Modern

    The architectural design of Dot to Dot was composed to extend your Dot’s learning. Dots are able to see the copper pipes in the ceiling and connect the idea – copper heats water and stainless steel ducts carry cool air.

  • Expressive

    You will not find any artwork completed by a Dot with pre-cut or arranged pieces. Dots are given the needed supplies and guided in creating their individual work. If you look around Dot to Dot you will see each art structure is out of the toy box!

  • Natural

    From the outside playground composed of indigenous San Diego timber, to the natural light exposure in all the classrooms, nature is a key element of our promise. We pride ourselves on being an energy efficient school not only through our architecture but through our creativity.

  • Diverse

    Different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities are family here at Dot to Dot. You will hear bilingual students carrying on conversations with other Dots or teachers and it’s especially interesting when Dots share their cultural food or traditions.

  • Home

    We encourage warm and friendly hugs each and every day. Our staff understands the importance of a continuing a nurturing and loving classroom unit to make all transitions easier for little Dots at this young age. We find it a necessity for every Dot to feel safe and loved in order to develop.

  • Connection

    At Dot to Dot, we embrace on the natural connection for learning. Our dots grow through confidence building and individual successes. This is why our programs are organized by learning capacity not age.

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Creative Art

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Perfect Place For Kids To Learn And Grow

"The facilities at Dot To Dot are beautiful and clean; it's the perfect place for kids to learn and grow. Teaching is truly their passion and this shows in the quality of the programs they provide. Thank you so much... •••

Dan and Jessica Hardy