Building outside the box

Building outside the box

This week the sprouts have been exploring building and boxes!


This week the sprouts have continued with their building.  The structures are growing and becoming more elaborate each day.  In an attempt to spark interest in creating more complex structures, we set up a replica of our playground. We wanted to see how they interacted with a structure modeled after something they all know and have experienced. The sprouts have been expanding their buildings from the usual house and castle creations to more complex structures, but we were interested to see if the replica would inspire any realistic building creations. The first day, they immediately reconstructed the structure.  The second day we added their people sticks to further provide a realistic model, but they were more interested in just identifying their friends and finding their own person stick. However, by the third day, the sprouts began to interact more with the structure by using their people sticks- making them walk and talk to one another.

After noticing an interest in building on a larger scale with the planks and crates, we brought in some boxes and cardboard pieces. One of the boxes is U shaped. It is missing a front and top panel. It resembles a chair and because of this it has become a favored place to sit inside. Throughout the week we noticed friends sitting inside of the box and then other friends will take the other cardboard pieces and add a front and top panel, appearing to enclose the friends within the box. Other interactions with the box include pounding on the sides creating loud sounds. This is often explored when a friend is inside and others are waiting outside for their turn. Perhaps a sound exploration? Or maybe just an attempt at hurrying along their friend inside? Some friends even took the spare cardboard pieces and draped them over the edge of the table, attempting to create a slide/ ramp, like they had been doing with the planks. It was interesting to see them explore that same structure with an entirely new material. However, we soon learned that we could not walk on the cardboard ramp as we could the wooden one because with one step it bent and slid right down to the table.


We have found that our sprouts are constantly seeking gross motor activities. From jumping off the tree stump, to monkey bars and balance beams, they are constantly on the move. Many times throughout the day we find ourselves repeating reminders about safety and moving our body safely through the classroom. Their bodies and movement seems to be incorporated into all of their tasks. From building with the big planks and cardboard, physically moving the materials, to also building areas for their bodies to be engaged. Even their art creations encompass movement- exploring the movement of materials, but also swinging their bodies to move the materials or making large strokes on paper when creating. To our chalk board, that only seemed to be an interest when a new stepping platform was added to the area for creating at different heights. They seem to want to engage their entire bodies in all that they do.


Have a great weekend and enjoy the extra time Monday with your little ones!
Love always, Ms. Shawna, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala