Building, Writing, and Dramatic Play

Building, Writing, and Dramatic Play


Hello dear Roots families-

This week in the Roots room, the students have shown great interest in building, writing, and dramatic play. To support the Roots interest in building, we added new types of foam and Styrofoam to the art area as well as new materials in the block area. To support the Roots interest in writing, we reintroduced the Buddah boards with brushes and sponges as well as new types of writing paper. To support the Roots interest in dramatic play, we added new fabrics and loose parts inside as well as new fabric outside.

Dramatic play outside, playing “family.”  Eden was “the dad,” Delfina was “the mom” and Hank was “the kitty.”


Quinn and Annabel attached suction parts to the window as part of their decorations to, “decorate the room fancy.”


Madison turned a book sideways and used it as, “her computer” in her dramatic play. 


Eden built a “house” out of foam and toothpicks. She indicated that the toothpicks sticking out of the top was, “the roof.”


Delfina used packing peanuts and toothpicks to build “ice-cream” in her dramatic play.


Aiko and Mateo together building, “a tower.”


Phoebe used water, wood chips, and sand to mix together to make “cake” in her dramatic play outside.


The Roots used their fine-motor skills to insert loose materials into the gifts for family.


Building with foam and Styrofoam, including packaging peanuts and packaging material.


Hank, Samanvi, and Isabella stacked tires to make a tunnel. After 4 tires were stacked, Hank climbed into the hole as Samanvi and Isabella observed and waited their turns.


Eden and Audrey adding onto the box with recycled cardboard tubes in the art area.


Zachary and Hank explored together in the block area. Zach used cars and animals in his dramatic play; “the animals are driving a car in a shoe store!” Hank used the Lego blocks to create a “robot.”


Delfina, Madison, and Cameron writing.


Phoebe lined up blocks and placed cars on the blocks to create, “a racetrack.”


Quinn, Eden, and Annabel painting in the art area. 

Annabel (while mixing colors): “This is an ugly color.”

Quinn: “Because it looks like a zombie?”

Annabel: “Yeah because it’s an ugly zombie color.”

Eden: “I’m mixing colors to see what color they turn. I wonder what color they’ll turn!”


Aiko and Cameron making a “castle” and “magic land” in their building and dramatic play in the block area.


Isabella writing in the book area.


Phoebe, Quinn, Madison, and Eden built step using the crates. They used the steps to climb onto the wooden structure, climbing up multiple times…


…and built some more stairs. “I made it!!”said Sienna when she finished her path from stairs to wooden structure. Our friends felt so proud, happy and strong. Risk taking, strong gross motor and creativity are great skills to develop during childhood! 


Isabella pretends making a cake for her toy “Foofoo”. Taking care for others is fun and at the same time so useful for our society.


“…Happy Birthday dear Quinn, Happy Birthday to you!”

We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful holiday break. Enjoy this time with your loved ones! …and don’t forget to relax. 🙂 

We look forward to seeing all of you dear friends again in the new year! Ms. Krista and Ms. Tanya