“Crab school, Come sign up for Crab School.”

“Crab school, Come sign up for Crab School.”

Welcome back Roots families! The roots have been working hard and showing us a whole new side to what they would like to learn. Handwriting, and being able to make signs are a large part of playing “Crab school.” We will also be looking closely at what is sociodramatic play. Outside is usually where the emergent curriculum for this class starts, we will be talking about what is happening out there, and how it is transferring into the classroom. 

  1. Handwriting without tears
  2. Sociodramatic play
  3. What is going on outside
  4. Bringing play from outside inside


Handwriting without tears

Handwriting without tears has been used in Dot To Dot for a couple years now. It is wooden straight pieces, and c shaped wood pieces. These shapes and lines can be combined to make all the letters in the alphabet. Not only in the alphabet we know, The Dots are now making their own letters and symbols to complete their stories. 


Sociodramatic play

Sociodramatic play is a big step for the Roots class. It means their imaginations are growing, and they are now entering a more advanced version of play. They are gravitating to large group play, and organized games. Their play changes storylines throughout, morphing from one scenario to the next fluidly, and effortlessly. 

What is going on outside?

Since the beginning of the year, the Dots have been rolling different items down the slide. It moved to trapping those items, seeing what moves through the traps, and catching large items in bins. The pouring, splashing, and reactions have been ongoing. After observing them this week, they have gone back to the water. This is how it started almost six months ago. We saw Logan and Yuki slowly pouring water down the slide, in the puddles, and mixing sand and wood chips in the water. There is very little speaking happening, but a sense of wonder is catching. Other friends will come by add to the experience, while some just watch and move on. The continuation of play with water outside has continued. 

We’ve also been noticing that the Roots have been bringing their interest in rolling/sliding items down inside the classroom as well. The pipes and pool noodles have been in the loose parts area for a while now but they weren’t being used as much. But since adding the marbles into the area, the Roots have gone back to using the pipes.


Have a great weekend!

The Roots Team