Crazy for Cars

Crazy for Cars

Hello all!!

This week we have started to explore some of the interests the sprouts have been showing. With the big classroom transition and addition of new friends we wanted to set out only a few things and slowly add on, focusing more on the space and the friends. However, some friends had brought in cars and the sprouts all could not resist. Noticing this obvious interest we decided to explore it a little before adding cars into the classroom. We watched as friends filled the cars with play dough, lined up tracks for the cars to drive on, buried the cars in the sand, and splashed them in water. On Tuesday we decided to explore an aspect of the cars. We set out a large sheet of paper and a tray of paint. The friends dunked the cars right in and pushed them back and forth in the paint making lines in the paint tray. Then we explored driving the painted cars on the paper. The friends seemed more interested in painting the cars and their bodies more than the paper. Further, when the friends were driving the cars the focus seemed to be more on actually the movement of the cars themselves rather than the lines they were making. We are interested to keep exploring this interest and find what it is exactly about the cars that the sprouts enjoy.

As usual the sprouts have been interested in exploring water and even more so with the hot days we have been having. In addition to washing our cars as described above, we also continued to explore scooping and pouring in a variety of ways. We continued using the eye droppers to transport water from one jar to another. We also used cups, strainers, and bowls to explore scooping, pouring and of course, splashing!

We hope you and your families enjoyed the day together on Thursday and we hope you have a great weekend!

With love,

Ms. Linda, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala