“Different colors make different colors.”

“Different colors make different colors.”


Hello dear Stems family and friends-

Welcome to a new week of adventures! We’re so happy to have you here.

In this blog, we will cover the following:


  • Color Exploration
  • Collaging Self-Portraits
  • Constructing

Color Exploration

Colored Sand:

On the light table this week, we added colored sand. The idea with colored sand began when the Stems were mixing glitter with flax and flour the past couple of weeks in the sensory bin- we wanted to provide the dots with more of a natural material than glitter. And as the Stems have recently been so involved and engaged in color exploration, colored sand seemed like a sensory item the dots would enjoy!

We put the sand into separate shakers based on color. We were curious to see if the dots would sperate the colors on the light table or if they would immediately mix the colors together.  

Tempera Paint and Water Color:

Collaging Self-Portraits

As mentioned in the past couple of blogs, the Stems have shown interest in collaging. This week, the dots continued creating their self-portraits through collaging.



Thank you again for joining us on this weeks journey!

Please note: Our morning assembly begins at 8:45. Please bring your child to school by 8:40 so we can start our morning assembly on time. Thank you for your cooperation!!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Hugs- The Team of Stems Educators