Dinner and Dough

Dinner and Dough

Hello Sprout families!

Last week the sprouts were very interested in creating artwork using paint and markers. This week the sprouts were cooking up some three dimensional and more hands on creations.

Early in the week, the sprouts asked to make play dough. They helped to gather the materials from the kitchen and began measuring and mixing the dough. Cooking and baking is always an intriguing activity for our young children. It incorporates so many of the interests and schemas they are constantly exploring, such as scooping and pouring. Once the dough was made, the children explored rolling it out, pressing shapes into the dough, hiding stones and rocks inside of it, and poking it with toothpicks.

Similar to the interest in wanting to prepare and explore the play dough, we once again saw an interest in cooking outside in the sand box. Ms. Madison had positioned herself in the sandbox to observe and the children prepared a variety of meals and treats and brought them to her one by one to share. They would present their creation, describe what they had made, and wait for Ms. Madison to take a bite. They scooped piles of sand onto plates and bowls and into cups. The sprouts baked “cookies” and “strawberry cake”, prepared “apples and bananas”, and “chocolate milk”. While the cooks were creating in the kitchen, other friends explored the sand by scooping and pouring the sand onto the plastic gutters.

Looking forward
We will continue to offer a variety of expression tools- be it paint, markers, and other drawing tools, or more involved materials like play dough or clay. We want to provide a variety of outlets for our sprouts to express their interests and explore the world around them. As they become more aware of how to care for the materials and more comfortable using them, we will provide more materials for them to independently explore.
Why do children always seem to cook and bake in the sandbox? They frequently explore scooping, pouring, and mixing and very rarely do they create structures like sand castles as we often see in places like the beach.
What other tools and materials can we provide within the sand box to expand their play?

Thank you and have a great weekend,
The sprouts team: Ms. Linda, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala