Empowerment and encouragement.

Empowerment and encouragement.

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As adults we know that it is important to encourage our Dots to help them grow.

It is a great feeling to be able to see all that encouragement sow its self in the classroom. 

The Roots class lined up, and was ready to go all their own! They did it!

This week we have been focusing on plants that needed a spot in our school, and also the plants in our classroom. We have also been discussing  how we can take care of, and help our environment, inside and out. 

So of course we broke out the power tools. The pot that we needed to use for the outside tree needed drainage holes. We turned it into a lesson on how to hold a drill. What a drill does, and how are we going to be safe. 

This helps with many different skill sets. We did fractions by seeing how much of he pot was half full, experienced volume with dirt, and worked our fine motors skills pulling the trigger on the drill.

Most importantly this was a time when the Roots saw a “real” tool, and were trusted to use it safely. Many believed they couldn’t do it. “I am too small.” “I cant old that.” But through encouragement they all tried, and found out a drill is a helpful tool. Many walked away empowered. 

This empowerment went with them to other areas of the school. Rianne, and Mila noticed that the pumpkin plant didn’t have enough soil. They took initiative to fill it up so the plant could have food. ” Look now they are standing up.
” Rianne 

“Yea they were probably hungry.” Mila

Thank you for all the hard work you have put in getting your Roots to class in the morning. Assembly starts at 8:45am. If your Dot is not here, and in the classroom, the door will be shut. Your Dot will have to wait outside till assembly is over. 

In Morning Assembly we get our daily jobs. These are a big hit with the kids, and they are important to them. We have documentation in the classroom of how these responsibilities make them feel. We also introduce new items, or questions to the class during this time. It sets the tone for what we will be working one the whole day. 

Have a great weekend Families.