Enrichment Activities

Each Moment Leads To Something Special.

Which Is Why We Teach Learning In The Moment.

Dot to Dot offers a carefully crafted and unique schedule of enrichment activities to enhance every Dot's learning potential. We, as educators, understand children up to five years old experience the peak of their brain connectivity, and are able to learn and absorb the more information than any other time in their life. In order to cater to this miraculous brain growth, we introduce our students to Public Speaking, Spanish as a second language, Creative Art, and Music Together as part of our curriculum every week.

Welcome to the world of boundless possibilities, a place where we:
  • Understand and respect children’s intelligence
  • Inspire them to think creatively and connect the dots
  • Teach them as well as learn from them
  • Inspire then to become future leaders at the forefront
  • Evoke the children’s curiosity and imagination
  • Instill self awareness, self esteem and confidence
  • Empathize with them and understand their emotions
  • Ignite their passion
  • Help them find their voices
  • Model responsibility for themselves and the bigger world around them
  • Public Speaking

  • Music

  • Ballet

  • Soccer

  • Spanish

  • Creative Art

Public SpeakingSpanishMusicBalletCreative ArtSoccer

Public Speaking

Public Speaking encourages children to use their voice to express themselves, build their confidence, and speak up! Mr. Freddy is our Public Speaking Coach. He uses different activities to promote eye contact, standing in front of a group, and listening while someone else is speaking. He is able to differentiate his activities to be appropriate for each classroom. Public Speaking provides our students with important life skills such as self-confidence and awareness of the power of their own voice. Children will be able to use these skills throughout their life, from raising their hand in the classroom, to speaking up at work. Public Speaking classes are an energetic, fun-filled time the students look forward to!


Spanish class encourages students to maximize their learning potential through learning a second language. Ms. Maria is our Spanish Teacher, and is able to reinforce concepts by using the same concepts our students are learning about during her Spanish class. She teaches through a fully emergent program that incorporates songs, stories, and activities to maximize students’ involvement and excitement. Spanish classes are perfect at this young age, when children soak up information easily!


We teach music to our children, not through standard sing a longs, but through songs that incorporate rhythm, tone, and instruments. The children are able to learn new songs, play instruments, and dance to the music! Our music classes are an upbeat, musical experience that continues into the home with the childrens’ singing!


Ballet is an additional program students have the option to participate in. Ms. Camille is a professional ballerina with San Diego Ballet Company, specializing in teaching ballet to young children. Ballet is open to both boys and girls, and is a great way for children to gain balance, discipline, and an understanding of the ballet basics. If you would like your child to participate in our ballet class, you can sign up for this program at the front desk.

Creative Art

At Dot To Dot, Creative Art is an essential tool for children to express themselves. We don't tell them what to do or how to do it, but instead, we introduce them to a medium or an inspiration let this guide their creativity and produce their own unique art!

"The only time I feel alive is when I am creating art"

_Vincent Van Gogh

Every month we introduce an artist to the children based on our observation of their skills and development. We have worked on projects inspired by Jackson Pollack to teach creative expression. We placed the canvas on the floor and had the children splash paint with a variety of objects to use their hands in an unfamiliar way and encourage them to not to think too much, but simply create!

We expose our students to art through paint, clay, mud, paper mache, glass, wood, metal, cardboard, and anything else we can get our hands on! Anything can allow the children express and create art with.


Soccer is an additional program students have the option to participate in. Coach Julio is our Soccer Coach, provided to us by Super Soccer Stars. He teaches basic soccer concepts and runs drills with the boys and girls who choose to participate. This soccer program provides children with an excellent introduction to the sport of soccer. If you would like your child to participate in our soccer program, you can inquire at the front desk for information to be able to sign up online through Super Soccer Stars.