Hello dear Stems family and friends-

Welcome to this weeks journey! It was a wonderful week full of lovely conversation and great explorations.

In this week’s blog, we will cover-

  • Sensory Bin
  • Projector
  • Idea Books
  • Color Exploration (beginning)
  • Self-Portraits (phase 2)

Sensory Bin

As the Stems have been so involved and engaged over the past couple of weeks with the flour and cinnamon in the sensory bin, we thought to incorporate a couple of ingredients the dots have had experience with in the past- flour + flax. To also add in a new sensory aspect besides cinnamon, we introduced the dots to new spice- cloves.

We also have continued to observe the dots in the sand area outside, incorporating materials into their exploration- a pinch of sand here, a scoop of bark chips there, a bowl of water here, a cup of dirt there. They would then take these materials and combine them strategically together.

When we placed the ingredients in the sensory bin this week, we put each into a seperate container to see if the dots would continue with their separation of ingredients as they did outside. We soon discovered that the dots immediately mixed all of the materials together and used the combination in their explorations- mixing, scooping, forming, story telling!



This week, the projector was brought into the Stems room! We first projected an image of a creation in the block area that one of the Dots created last week. As the dots walked into the classroom with the image portrayed, we heard the following comments-

“Wow!”   “Look at that!”   “What is that?”  “How did that get there?”

A couple of the dots went towards the portrayed image, tracing the lines with pencils and then filling them in. Some of the dots saw the image and brought blocks under the house structure where the image was portrayed, inspired by the image to build!

As mathematics (measuring, counting, comparing, combing, etc.) has been present in the Stems stories, transformation play, and explorations, we uploaded an image of a number line that went vertically up the wall on Wednesday. The dots were immediately drawn to the image.

We saw and heard the dots comparing heights as well as observed the dots incorporating the image in their transformation play!

Idea books

What is an idea book? An idea book is a blank book given to each child at Dot to Dot in which they can write/draw their thoughts and ideas in! On Tuesday, the Stems were given their new idea books! We broke into our small groups and had each child draw/write what they were thinking about. This simple exercise gave the dots the opportunity to become reacquainted with their Idea Books as well as become familiar with using them again!

On Tuesday morning during assembly, the Glubby Clubbies presented their ideas in their idea books to the Feathers and the Feathers presented their ideas to the Glubby Clubbies during reflection!

The Stems did wonderful at presenting to each other as well as listening to each other present! 🙂

Glubby Clubbies

“I drawed a big circle and these and these and these. I also did a rocket ship!” -Dax

“It’s a rainbow and it’s so pretty. And I made a beautiful, beautiful rainbow. I like rainbows so I made a rainbow so it can be pretty.” -Madison

“It’s a cat smelling a flower and there was rain and she walked-ed away from the raindrops.” -Samanvi

“I made a Disneyland and there’s the Disneyland friends and there was Disneyland and ice-cream store and people going to the restaurant with their mom and dads.” -Aditi

“I made some waterfalls and I made a flower right here by my name. I made some water right here. I made a hole right here. I made a circle right here for the oceans. I made a circle all around. A ball right here, too.” -Clara

“Legoland. Treasures.” -Mizuki

“A guy was going zip-lining and there was a trashcan. What was he doing? When he goed, he couldn’t because it was broken.” -Phoebe


“I made numbers so it can be easy. We had milk for lunch. There was a snake and it was dead for now. And there was flower in our yard.” -Smayana

“It’s a rainbow with colors.” -Annabel

“This is about Ms. Adriana’s heart and mommy’s heart and daddy’s heart and this is my daddy’s heart and this is my sister’s heart. This is a love Christmas tree.” -Delfina

“Rocket ship. Big rocket ship. Rainbow shark big giant.” -Asahi

“It’s a rocket ship to outer space with big wings. I don’t know how to make big wings so I made medium wings. I’ll show you on the top.” -Hank

“Mommy, my daddy. They’re working.” -Jack

“It’s water and then I was going to the pool with my mommy and daddy.” -Sienna


Color Exploration

Over the past couple of weeks, we have observed the stems exploring with colors. Through conversation, they have spoken about colors they prefer, how colors make them feel, as well as explored how colors transform when they are combined together.


Phase 2 of Self-Portraits

Last month, the Stems worked on phase 1 of the self portraits in which they observed themselves in mirror and then drew what they saw. As the dots have recently been interested in collaging, we thought it would be interesting to see how the dots would use a variety of collaging materials and natural materials to create an image of themselves. We have a few of the finished portraits posted by the assembly area, feel free to stop by and take a look!


On Thursday, the Stems class warmly welcomed Dr. Jill to morning assembly to talk about the tool of ‘talking tokens.’

What is a tool?

“A tool is a material you glue. Some are sharp nails and glue.” -Hank

“A tool helps us do something.” -Dr. Jill

She spoke to the class about the new tool of the, ‘talking token’ and it helps us know when it’s our turn to talk during assembly and reflection.

The dots then practiced using the tokens by taking turns sharing something. Each dot was given 3 tokens and every time one of the dots contributed to the conversation, he/she would put a token into the basket.

On Thursday, we also helped celebrate Dax’s birthday early! His family brought in fruit bars to share with the class to help celebrate. Thank you!

What we will be exploring next week:

  • Continuation of color exploration
  • Continuation of phase 2 of self-portraits
  • Projector

Also, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful and kind words you took the time to write to each of us. We are so grateful to have you as part of the Dot-to-Dot family!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Hugs- The Stems Educators