Exploring Exciting Changes

Exploring Exciting Changes


Hello dear Roots friends and families!

Greetings and Happy New Year, 2019! We hope you had a wonderful holiday break and had the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones! When the students returned to school this week, they noticed a lot of new and exciting changes at Dot-to-Dot! For example, the chickens got a new/larger coop, a sand area was created outside on the playground to explore in, new bark dust was laid on the playground, and a bean bag toss was set up outside (just to name a few!). Also inside the classroom, the Roots were introduced to new materials (captions and photos below!).


The Roots lined up at the window, pointing out new materials/areas that they observed.


The Roots lined up and observed the new chicken coop outside. 


Hank and Phoebe exploring in the new sand area. “First you add sand and then you add water” (on how to make ice-cream with sand).


Isabella lined up new wooden pieces in her dramatic play to create, “a dark forest.”


Zachary and Hank “built a house” and then used “flying witches” in their dramatic play.


A new piece of honeycomb type cardboard was set out for the Roots to explore with. Madison, Delfina, and Annabel poked holes in the top and then set colored pencils in them to create, “a castle.”


After the girls removed the pencils, they glued envelopes on the cardboard to create, “an octopus.”


Samanvi used a loose part to paint multiple dots, creating, “buttons.”


The Roots were introduced to letter and number mats and play dough (part of Hand Writing Without Tears). Quinn, Isabella, Samanvi, and Delfina practiced rolling out long and short lines to make a variety of letters and numbers.


Madison, Delfina, and Annabel set up “a forest” during inside exploration and then used the map of the United States as “a treasure map.”


Isabella used different containers of sand (“salt and sugar”) as ingredients to make a cake.


Phoebe used a ladle to scoop “salad” in her dramatic play outside. 


“Let it go, let it goooo!” Isabella and Madison singing and dancing.


…and even more dancing! “Rewrite the stars” song was a big hit!


The Roots took turns lining up on the hollow log and then jumping into a “mountain” (pile of sand).

It was a short but lovely week in the Roots room. We look forward to having a full exciting week next week!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend- Ms. Krista and Ms. Tanya