Feathers, Clubby Glubbies, Toilet Paper, Cinnamon

Feathers, Clubby Glubbies, Toilet Paper, Cinnamon


Dear Stems families and friends-

Hello and welcome to this weeks journey in the Stems classroom!

In this weeks blog we will cover the following items-

  • Small group names
  • Skill set of toilet paper
  • Sensory Bin
  • Lines & Connecting & Building

Small Group Names

Our small groups have come up with their names! How did we come to the conclusion of a name? It started a couple weeks ago when the children broke up into their groups and drew pictures of what was on their mind and what their favorite things were. Based on these images, we were curious to see if a name would transpire.

The next week, we broke up into groups and had a discussion as to what some of the names for the groups could be. We heard some interesting and hilarious names! Examples-

“Clubby”  ,  “Pizza”  ,  “Rainbows”  ,  “Truck Boxes”  ,  “Art Supplies”  ,  “Glubbies”  ,  “Bunny Rabbits” (from last year)  ,  “Cloud Flowers”  ,  “Scott”  ,  “Esco”  ,   “The Stars” (also from last year)  ,  “Snakes”  ,  Rainbow Butterflies”  ,  “The Houses.”

At the end of last week, after debate and conversation, one of the small groups came up with their name- “Glubby Clubbies.” The name came from two different suggestions that the students in the group had- “glubby” and “clubby.”


As mentioned, the Stem learners began the discussion about a name for their small group with some drawings.  The images allowed them to explore their ideas for a name in a concrete way. From a rainbow, to a beach and to the doggies, we were able to reflect on those pictures and use them to lead into a discussion on how to narrow down the ideas to a single name for the group.

These were few of the suggestions made at a our group gatherings:

“Rainbow” ,   “The Beach”,     “Doggies”,     “Beach Rainbow”,     “Sunflowers”,   “The Books”  &  “Feather”

How will we pick?   “We could vote with our hands.”

 We voted on the suggestions on Monday, and  “Feather” had the majority of votes.  Since we have a group of eleven members (1 educator included), the group agreed we should include an“s” since we were more than just one feather.   

Toilet Paper

As a school community that is mindful about reducing, reusing and recycling, and as one of our educators at Dot to Dot observed a kiddo wadding up a large amount of toilet paper to wipe with, it was come to the conclusion that the skill set on how much toilet paper to use would be a needful point to bring up with the young learners.  Coming together to discuss daily routines that are essential to self-care are meaningful exchanges and builds a sense of autonomy in each individual young learner.

On Tuesday morning after assembly, we gathered in our small groups to discuss how much toilet paper the Dots thought that they should use for bathroom needs whether it be pee or a #2 necessity.

Small Group of Clubby Glubbies

Where does toilet paper come from?

“Toilets!” -Madison

Where does paper come from?

“Trees!”  -Dax

“Toilet paper is made out of paper!”  -Madison

“How much toilet paper do you think should be used when you go pee? How much toilet paper do you think should be used when you go poopoo?” (The Dots were given a roll of toilet paper and each showed how much they thought would be necessary for wipe with.)

“3 squares for poopoo, 5 squares for pee.”  -Samanvi

“4 squares for poopoo, 4 squares for pee.”  -Dax

“2 squares for poopoo, 2 squares for pee.”  -Aditi

“3 squares for poopoo, 3 squares for pee.”  -Clara

“2 squares for poopoo, 1 square for pee.”  -Phoebe

“1 square for poopoo, 3 squares for pee.”  -Mizuki

“5 squares for poopoo, 5 squares for pee.”  -Madison

“1 squares for poopoo, 1 square for pee.”  -Mateo

The Feathers

The same question was posed to the group of Feathers.  “How much toilet paper do you think you need when you are in the bathroom for pee or poop?”  After the giggles settled down, we examined the toilet paper roll as we passed it around, and one member of our group tore off one square and said,

I think just one square“, – Delfina.   

Yah, just one.” – Annabel agreed, as she tore off a square for herself.

Smayana, Amelia, Quinn and Sienna decided that one square would be just fine for pee.   However, the boys in the group decided that for poop more squares would be necessary.  Hank was the first to interject his thoughts on the matter,

You need alotta squares for poop.  This much.  He proceeded to unroll the several squares. Hank rolled out so many squares that as a group we counted 13.  Asahi had the same opinion and matched Hank’s 13 toilet paper squares.  Then Jack came up with a more modest number of squares…

You need this many.”  Jack rolled out 5 squares.  


The  Glubby Clubbies  & The Feathers then came together and each group shared how much toilet paper should be used in the restroom, depending on the need. After the exchanges of ideas, here is the amount  of toilet paper squares that was the final consensus of the whole community of Stems-

***5 squares for poopoo.

***1 square for pee if you’re a boy (as the girls didn’t think 1 square was enough).

***2 squares for pee if you’re a girl.


….. the next day, we observed the Dots continuing the conversation of toilet paper in their transformation play!

“How many squares, sister?” -Madison

“Three.” -Quinn

“1…..2……3.” -Madison

“I want two.”  -Asahi

“Okay, you have to share.”  -Madison

“Brother! Brother! Brother! How many do you want?” -Madison

“One.” -Mateo

Side note: Madison didn’t ask Annabel how many squares she needed as Annabel was the cat in their transformation play. 🙂


Sensory Bin

As the Dots have been actively engaged scooping, digging, mixing, packing, patting, and squeezing the flour in the sensory bin, we wanted to add something to the bin that would provide an increased sensory experience.

An idea? Cinnamon in a shaker.

It was very interesting observing the Dots utilize the cinnamon in their exploration. We heard the cinnamon be referred to as “chocolate” a few times while the Dots were using it.. possibly due to the color the flour turned when cinnamon was added to it?

Lines, Connecting, Building

As was the case in the past couple of weeks, we have observed a lot of building and creating of structures and ideas this week in the Stems room! For inspiration, we brought in a few images of different types of architecture from unique building styles to organic structures. We also brought in a couple different types of loose parts for the Dots to use and incorporate in their explorations! In their structures, we have seen a lot of lines, connections, and balancing.

When children are building and constructing, they are utilizing a great amount of skills:

  • Hand-eye coordination (fine-motor skills)
  • Math skills (ex. shapes, counting)
  • Expressive and creative skills (ex. transformation play)
  • Problem solving (ex. balancing, cause/effect)
  • Social skills (ex. sharing, dialogue)


And to end the week, we had a little celebration for Asahi’s birthday!

And like that, another week is in the books! Thank you for joining us in your child’s journey in the Stems room!

Next week we will cover-

  • Numbers (the Stems have shown interest in counting, comparing sizes, and measuring)
  • The new projector that will be set up in the classroom and how the Stems interact with it

Have a wonderful and safe weekend-  The Stems Educators