First week in our new classroom!

First week in our new classroom!

August 8th, 2019


Mrs. Linda here. We are know in our new space and very much enjoying it. Welcome all of our new friends and our existing friends.

This week we will cover-

  1. New Classroom
  2. Creative Expression
  3. Light Table

New Classroom-  This week, some of the newer friends came to the previous Seedlings room with me. We welcome Kanav, Araz, Kinsley, and Sophia! Some of you have asked about splitting the classrooms. Both classrooms are considered the same mixed aged group. We are in a cozier place where we are getting to know the children and we are reading and discussing friendship!


Creative Expression- Our art center in our class is a place where the children can go and squeeze out the paint and use it however they feel. From painting with a brush on paper to painting themselves, the children can go and express themselves creatively! They have the freedom to explore the art materials and create whatever they want. The children have enjoyed exploring the supplies in our classroom and creating whatever is meaningful to them.



Light Table – Children are drawn to the glow of the light table and stay there for periods of time! What is a light table? The light table is a flat tabletop with a light source underneath. The light source shines through the top of the table. The light table provides open-ended play experiences with art and other materials and is a powerhouse of learning! Bringing the light through different objects and using handy tools is an example. The light table is something the children seem to be drawn to.


Remember to please check the daily board for details of the day! Have a great weekend and enjoy your time with your children.


Love, Ms. Linda and Ms. Lala