How can you help your environment?

How can you help your environment?

What does it mean for something to be beautiful, and how do we make things beautiful?

Charlotte tells us “beautiful is getting dirty !”

Yara says it is “covering the school with glitter.”

This question has come up many time in the class, and it is time to dig deeper, and listen to what they think is beautiful. We decided to word it differently so we could grab everyone attention. 

We asked 

How Can You Make your environment better?

As you can see above Teddy is very interested in what Logan as to say, and is listening to his idea.

This question also pushed them to think about a two part question. 


First they needed to choose what environment they wanted to think about.

We have discussed in many different setting wat an environment is, and how they are involved. 

This time the environment was not chosen for them. They had to think about all the areas they had been exposed to, and choose. 

For some this was a big task! But the other friends helped them to narrow it done. Then the easy part, how would I like my space to look, feel, or exist. There will documentaion in the classroom soon so you can see their ideas unfold.

Sense the Dots were seedlings they have been trying to feed the Chickens bamboo.

We ask them to stop, we talk about it, but nothing seems to work.

I brought in carrot tops from my dinner last night, and showed them the leaf’s of the carrot.

The shape, color, and difference from then bamboo.


Next we will be planting carrots!

Later in the week the Dots were reflecting on their own, and asked

“Do you have any more carrot tops?”

“The chickens might be hungry.”

Parents night out is August 17th! Please join us in Summer fun.