“I want those friends here”

“I want those friends here”

Hello all!

This week our class went through some very big changes. Ms. Madison remained in the sprouts classroom with half of the friends while some of our newer friends joined Ms. Linda in the old seedling’s classroom. With this change we all took the week to adjust. Some friends constantly watched their previous classmates through the windows that joined our classes together. Other friends tried to open the door saying they wanted those friends to come back over to our room. Nolen looking through the window said “I want those friends here”. On thursday we actually took a short little trip over to the old seedling’s room and played with our old friends in that space for a short while. It is a big adjustment for all of us, but with time it will become more comfortable. We still play with our old classmates and Ms. Linda and Lala in the morning outside and after lunch for our afternoon wiggly parties where we listen to music and move around the back patio space.

Other changes we saw in the classroom were the interest in drawing in big areas. We noticed many friends were trying to draw on the furniture and in order to explore this interest, but also teach them to respect the space we decided to allow drawing on the mirror table since this washes off easily. It also offers a new perspective to their drawing. In addition, we also added a large piece of paper to the wall under the loft. This provides yet another large area that is not usually an acceptable drawing space. Some friends had trouble staying within the space on the paper. When we noticed these marks on the wall we talked about what we can do to clean it and how we can take care of our space. Friends gathered paper towels and wiped the walls. When this did not work they wet the paper towels and tried again. Needing a little bit of a boost, Ms. Madison sprayed some natural cleaner to the wall and the friends helped to wipe it off. This allows them to explore their space, but also take ownership and responsibility of their classroom.

We changed up the contents of the sensory bin as well. We noticed a lot of friends enjoying the sandbox outside and cooking up lots of creations. We added some uncooked rice, corn, and beans to the sensory bin inside the classroom with some cups, pots, pans, and plates. We observed the children repeatedly, (once again) focused on scooping and pouring rather than engaging in their cooking creations that we had previously observed outside. Perhaps it is the space that the materials are provided that does not foster the same kinds of creations. The friends are standing close together while exploring in the sensory bin, whereas in the sand box they sit surrounded by the sand and they have more space between them and their peers. The closeness of the sensory bin seems to elevate their energy and distract them from what they are doing. Their focus becomes scooping and pouring and swapping containers with peers.

In our whole group this week we focused on matching the marker caps. We had to throw away many of our markers because they had gone for too long without caps. We talked about what happens when we don’t cap the markers and what we can do to care for our materials. In order to practice this skill, we uncapped all of the markers and each friend got to pick a marker and a cap and secure the cap in place. We did not focus on having the corresponding color, rather on just making sure a cap was put on.

Have a great weekend!
Ms. Madison