In Motion

In Motion

Dear Sprouts Families,

This week we will talk about:

  • Materials in Motion
  • Boxes
  • Ms. Amy’s Exploration

This week the children continued to explore the classroom, and we saw some new and interesting things develop. We placed red cellophane material in the cutting bin thinking it would draw the children’s attention. The children were drawn to it, but it was used in a completely different way than expected.



Materials in Motion

Something caught Sophia’s eye as she walked over to the cutting bin to start cutting with the scissors. She picked up the red shinny paper material that was in the bin picked it up and went up into the loft with it. As I watched closely to see her intention, she just placed the material over the ledge and let it go. She watched as it floated down until it hit the floor. She then came down to pick the material up and repeated the same thing closely watching. Adi looked up to see it happen. When given the opportunity he picked up the fallen red material and started up to the loft. He then proceeded to drop the material. This continued to happen until some of the cellophane fell apart. It did not end there,  Sophia picked it up and dropped it down again while watching it fall from the loft as it slowly drifted to the ground. Paul,  takes different material and let it fall over the loft edge.


Why do the children enjoy seeing the materials fall from the loft area?

What else can we do for the children to continue with this journey of flight in motion?

Ms. Amy”s Exploration

Ms. Amy came into our classroom to take this further “motion” with the children. She brought in materials and the children made parachutes with the colored cellophane. Each child got a chance to help make a parachute. When they were done, they each had the opportunity to go up into the loft and throw down the parachutes. This continued for a long time as they watched the parachute float down. The children never seemed to get tired of this exploration. Ms. Amy then brought out some balloons on string to let the children see how they would travel down the loft.  Araz tells Paul to “throw it down I have a bucket to catch it”. Paul twirls the balloon on the string up above watching it’s movement. Araz states ” I caught it” Paul states “catch it”. The children are excited with this new exploration.



We continue to observe the children collecting materials and carrying them around from place to place. We thought if we brought in some cardboard boxes of different sizes the children would show some interest. So, on Monday we placed different size boxes on the expressions table. When it was time to explore Sophia walked over to the table and asked “can we paint them” We said they could do what ever they chose with the boxes. Sophia then proceeded to take out the paint, and brushes and squeezed out some paint and started painting. Earen then came over to paint the boxes.

We weren’t sure what they would do with the boxes, and each child can come up with their own idea of what they wanted to do with it. Cardboard boxes are open ended and can stimulate the imagination and creativity anything is possible. On Tuesday, we brought out more boxes, and when it was time to explore, Paul came over to scoop up all the boxes. As we watched to see what his possible intention was, we noticed that Paul was using the boxes to collect material and store them.  The next day when a bigger box was out it transformed . Paul is telling Araz to get into the box. Araz gets into the box and Paul is pushing the box over. They both take turns doing this to each other. Paul tells Araz “push me” This continues until Paul is in the box and Araz starts putting materials into the box on top of Paul. Earen now comes over to put materials in the box on top of Paul.


How can we build upon this exploration to see what the children’s intentions are?

What can we add to this experience to let it go further?