“It has wings and it could fly!”

“It has wings and it could fly!”


The Roots have been intrigued with transforming; from using their imaginations to construct structures, transforming into different people, reconstructing the world around them to fit their vision, to story telling. While story telling, the students are transforming themselves and trying/seeing different perspectives in a variety of ways.

There’s a dot in our class, Zachary, who is especially interested in design and how things work, especially in regards to cars. To support this interest, we had a parent, Ben, who volunteered to bring in his vehicle, a Tesla Model X, to show the Roots. The Roots reaction to the Tesla’s features was fascinating- they were completely in awe!

Ben allowed the Roots to sit in the Tesla as well as showed them the different aspects of the car- there was a trunk in the front, the sensors were in the middle of the door handle, and the Tesla could be programed to “dance!”

The Roots observations and comments to the Tesla and features were captivating-

Zach: “It’s flying!”

Aiko: “It looks like a bird!”

Annabel: “It put it’s wings up!”

Eden: “That’s so cool. That looks amazing!”

Mateo: “It’s getting up, it’s up!”

Aiko: “It lift up by itself!”

Mateo: “It look likes a car that turns into transformation.”

Aiko: “The car has wings and it could fly.”

It appeared as though the design of the Tesla Model X resembled a bird from nature to the Roots. That’s when the question, “So if the car has wings, can it fly?” was posed to the students. Annabel immediately stated, “no” but then the more she thought about it, the more unsure she became. Aiko thought it could fly.

Speaking of flying cars, Boeing just released the first flying car (besides the one in Harry Potter) –   http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-boeing-driverless-flying-car-test-flight-20190123-story.html

As mentioned above, the Roots have been engaged in reconstructing the world around them to fit with their imagination and story telling as well as the characters they are portraying.

Aiko, Delfina, and a Sprouts friend, Shiho, altered the wooden arch outside to a ship. One cardboard ramp became a row while the other cardboard ramp became a tool to, “get the sharks away.”

The story was that the girls were going sailing to a new house. On the way to the new house, they needed to keep the sharks away while “searching for purple rainbow fish.”

Phoebe, Aiko, Isabella, and Delfina decorated the stage and the tree by stacking pillows and wrapping fabric to the tree. The stage was transformed to replicate “a decorated house for a party.” The house? It was built by laying the cardboard and plastic ramps on the stage.

In the sand area, Sienna and Aditi built cakes for their party. The sand that they were mixing in their containers was the cake ingredients. Aditi’s sand in her container was “strawberry cake with chocolate on top” while Sienna’s sand in her container was “chocolate cake with strawberries.”

 From this….

To this! Hank and Zachary used the new mirrored table to built up on. Did they choose to build on the mirrored table  as it offered a different perspective? The boys turned their castle (in initial picture above) to that of a robot with points and greater height.

Aiko created a “higher hotel” with blocks in the block area. She explained that there were rooms (on each level). It was interesting to see the symmetry in Aiko’s building as well as the patterning in her “higher hotel.” It was also interesting to see how Aiko used a chair to build her structure to a greater height once she could no longer add any more blocks while standing on the floor. Problem solving at its finest.

Annabel and Madison creating and adding onto the ‘Diorama Box Project’ that they started on with Ms. Amy last week in art. While adding to their box, the wheels in the heads were almost visibly turning as they collaborated and worked together. It was interesting to see how each group of students transformed a single white box with a hole in the front to that of a masterpiece with a story behind it. Ms. Amy added pictures and documentation of the Roots working on their dioramas by the art area if you are interested in seeing how your child used his/her imagination to create his/her box.

Hank was also interested in using his ideas to add more materials and drawings to the diorama box he created with Phoebe and Zachary.

Sienna adding and gluing loose materials and parts to her diorama box so that it reflected her ideas and imagination.

To end the week where the Roots were active and got to enjoy the incredible San Diego weather, the Roots went on a nature walk. During their exploration and observations on the walk, the Roots were excited to find- a couple of caterpillars, multiple shells, leaves and pinecones. They also found humor in seeing dry leaves falling from a tree when one of the tree’s branches was shaken.

If you have not already, please send in a photograph of your family so we can add it with the rest of the family pictures. These photographs are a great way for conversations to spark between students regarding what they observe between their family and other families. These photographs also help in assisting to comfort some of our friends if they happen to miss a parent or family member. Thank you!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend- Ms. Krista and Ms. Tanya