It’s a small world after all.

It’s a small world after all.

This week we will discuss our small world exploration and  art with Ms. Amy.

Small World 

The Pine tree was brought into Dot to Dot this week and each classroom received  a branch to add to their room.  The sprouts were eager to explore the branches with the animals set up around them.  They began to create stories for their animals as they moved around the area.  The tree branch became a place for the animals to hide, climb, and live.  Each sprout had a different idea for the tree. Other friends added varying pieces to this small world area and created their own stories. It was interesting to see this kind of play all centralized in one area of the classroom. Often we see friends telling stories while describing their building structures or when playing with the baby dolls, but it was one of the first times that the friends sat near one another, not necessarily interacting, and told their stories just using the people pegs or the animals. Their stories did not revolve around their structures. Rather, the stories  were acted out and described through narration. This is what many classrooms call story telling or small world play. We have set up several areas around the room encouraging and attempting to elicit this kind of play and this has been the most successful provocation. We are interested to see if this play continues across the classroom or if our participation in setting up the area is still desired. What was it exactly that intrigued so many of our friends and lured them in to come and play. Was it the tree? Was it the novelty of the area, considering other parts of the room had not been updated? It was interesting because as the week went on the interest slowly faded as more friends joined and had more rambunctious ideas for play. Most days started with our provocation set up inviting the friends to play, but by the end of play time the tree pieces would be knocked down, pieces would be spread out across the floor, and little to no stories were shared. How can we capture their interest once more? How can we further encourage their stories? How can we keep their interest when other friends are enticing them with seemingly more exciting movement and play?

Art with Ms. Amy

Last week during art with Ms. Amy, the sprouts took the sand pouring in a new direction.  Originally they were interested in pouring the sand through holes on a board, which allowed them to watch the flow of the sand. Then towards the end of art last week, they began to move the sand around on the floor.  While most of the motions were circular, they would also swipe their hands across the sand, leaving patterns.  This week Ms. Amy set up the projector for them to see themselves from a new perspective.  They began to create the same patterns of motion once the sand was poured onto the floor.  Repetitively they swiped their hands round and round or from side to side.  The sand was constantly in motion around the paper.  To find out more about their exploration, check out Ms. Amy’s facebook post with videos and a description.


By now you all have heard about Ms. Shawna’s last day with us.  She wanted to send you a little message. — I want to thank you all for the amazing and at times hilarious memories that I have created with you and your children.  My time at Dot to Dot has been one of the most positive and memorable experiences of my career.  I will miss each and every one of the children here and I plan to visit with baby Leighton as often as possible.  Please have the children give Ms Madison extra hugs in the coming weeks while the class adjusts to the new transition.


Have a great weekend!
With love,
Ms. Shawna, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala