“It’s going to bite you because it needs it’s space.”

“It’s going to bite you because it needs it’s space.”


Hello dear Roots family and friends!

On Monday, a few of the Roots were intrigued with a snail that they had found by a crevice on the wood structure outside. Their conversation around the snail and perceptions of the snail were fascinating. 

A few of the comments made during the observation of the snail-

“He eats a lot of germs in his mouth!”    

  “The snail bites.”      “Baby snails are poison!”    “He missed her mom and dad.”    

“The snails are going to make you sick so you cannot touch it, just look.”     

“It’s going to bite you because it needs it’s space.”

To support the curiosity and interest in the snail, the Dots drew/wrote in their idea books during small group as to where they thought that snails lived.

Here are a few of the Dots suggestions/ideas as to where snails live:

“Snails live in the grass.” -Jack & Eden

“The snail lives in a snail house in a jungle and in a city.” -Madison

“Snails live in grass and trees.” -Annabel

“Snails live in snail castles.” -Delfina

“A snail lives in rectangular house, like a castle.” -Aditi

“Snails live in the tunnel.” -Phoebe

“The snails live in the grass & in the tree. They like rainy time.”-Aiko

“Snails sleeping.” -Mizuki

“The snails on the plant.” -Estefania

“A snail lives in a jungle.” -Sienna

“A snail house next to a grandmother’s house.” -Quinn

“A snail lives in a jungle and on grass.” -Hank

“Snails live in wood and grass.” -Samanvi

Next, the two groups (“Bunny Rabbits” and “Stars”) took turns presenting to each other as to where they thought a snail lived, using their idea books to show their peers the picture they drew to support their words.

After the Dots drew/wrote in their idea books about where snails lived, we went outside and explored, searching for snails and their homes.

 “But this is not a tree!” one Dot said after they found a snail on the wooden fence. Through that statement, they were surprised to find that where they imagined a snail to be was different from where they discovered one.

Another snail was spotted in a plant holder! Who could’ve guessed..

The conversation around snails continued.. after the two groups searched for snails and discovered them, they wrote/drew in their idea books about their observations. Once again, during morning meeting the two groups took turns sharing with each other as to were they discovered a snail. One was in a planter, and one was on the fence.

 The Roots gave their ideas as to where snails live, they searched and discovered for snails outside, but… where do snails live?

We posed the question, “do snails live where we found them?” We received both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses. One of the Dots stated who responded with ‘no’ stated that “snails live under the big tree out there..” We are interested to see what other curiosities the Dots have about snails.. we look forward to see where the conversation goes next week! 

We will end this blog with a couple of observations about snails from our dear Dots-

Please note: Dot to Dot will be closed on Friday, March 8th for a teacher training day. Enjoy this day with your family!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend- Ms. Krista and Ms. Tanya