“It’s stuck”

“It’s stuck”

January 9, 2020

Dear Sprouts Families,

It was nice to welcome everyone back to Dot to Dot from our Holiday break. Please welcome Ms. Rebecca to our classroom, she has joined our Sprouts team.  The children have settled in nicely as if they never left. You may have noticed we have changed the room around a little to make it more accessible for the children to move around and explore.

This week we will talk about:

  • The Tunnel Tube with the Fan
  • Light Table
  • Continuation of Skill Sets

Tunnel Tube with Fan and Colored Scarves

We noticed the children were still interested in bringing materials up to the loft and dropping them down to see how the material took flight. The children were also interested in the pulley system that they explored before our holiday break – how things moved up and down. After collaborating with Ms. Amy, she put together something the children could explore with great interest. She put a fan as the base and then placed a tunnel tube on top. She then made two holes, so the children could place the colored scarves in the holes. The children first got the opportunity to look at and see how the fan worked before placing any materials into the holes. Ms. Amy asked the children a few questions: What do you think the tube does? What do you think the fan will do? Take a guess… What can we do with the scarves?

The first thing the children noticed was the cold air that came up from the fan. With great enthusiasm the children started taking turns placing the scarves in the tube. Sophia was the first to yell out “I caught it” Look I see mine; I see it! Then all the children tried to place a scarf into the hole. Earen was the next to say “It’s stuck. Oh, it’s working” as he looked up to see the green scarf that he placed in the tube come up from the top. Adi and Earen continue to place scarves in the tunnel looking up after they placed them in the hole to see them come out. Adi decided to climb to the loft and drop a blue scarf from the top of the loft. As Valentina explored she said: “I’m putting my hand right here. Sophia then said “they got out all by themselves”

The next day we brought out the fan and the tunnel tube for the children to continue to explore. Celeste seemed happy as the red scarf fell, and she said “it fell on my head.” Araz yelled out “watch out, it will fall” Araz took a moment to put his face near the fan and said “Its cold on my face.” Paul noticed the scarves moving up and called out “catch it.” He then climbs the steps of the loft and decided to throw down the scarves. So much excitement has been going on connected with exploring the fan.


  • What other materials can we bring in for the children to use, and explore with the fan and tunnel tube?
  • How can we take this to a higher level of exploration?

Light Table

Since we moved the light table out from under the loft and to an open area, there has been a lot more interest in using it. Celeste and Araz spent time at the light table placing the colored jewels into small little cups. Celeste said “that’s coffee.” After Celeste and Araz moved to another area to explore, Sophia, Valentina and Earen started using the jewels. Valentina asked Sophia for some jewels as she extended her hands with the small plastic cups in her hands. One of the children said the jewels were “pepperoni”. When Kiki and Adi were at the light table Kiki said she was making Elmo cookies. We watch in wonder to see where this will be going.


  • What other material can we bring to the light table to stir up new interest?
  • We will continue to look for different and interesting things to take this to support this interest.

Continuation of Skill Sets

We continue to work on our painting skill sets daily, so the children don’t forget. Each child is expected to be able to be to squeeze the paint bottle and place just enough paint on the paint pallet. As they squeeze the bottle they say “just a little.” After the paint is in the pallet, they may choose their brush and paint on their paper. When they are done, they have learned to put their paint brush in the water and clean the paint off the brush. With a tap, tap, tap on the top of the water jar they are ready to place the paint brush in the container where the brushes belong. They know that the bristle end of the brush are placed up in the container.  These skills and others that are being taught in our classroom.  They are necessary for them to have so we can build upon these skills, so when Ms. Amy comes into our classroom to do art she doesn’t spend her time on theses important skills because they will know them. What capable little people they have become.

Reflection for Next Week:

Next week Ms. Amy will be adding fish netting to our area to hang from the loft to give the children another perspective. We are excited to see what the children do when this new material is brought into our classroom.

Have a fun, and relaxing weekend with your family. We are looking forward to the next week in our classroom with the new things that are happening. Thanks again for your continued support!

Love Ms. Linda and Ms. Rebecca