“Come in here”

“Come in here”

November 21, 2019

Dear Sprouts Families

This week in our class we have seen a great variety of action, many types of play and constant exploration. They are on their journey of discovery as they continually test and explore new and different things.

This week we will talk about:

  • How Do Things Move?
  • Our Collection of Materials on the Light Table
  • Fabric and how children are using it

How Do Things Move?

We started this week outside, shaking and moving the colorful parachute. The children held onto the edge of the material with their little hands, lifting the parachute as they raised their hands up high. As they moved their hands up and down, they watched the movement of the parachute. There was excitement among the children as more and more began to join in. After they got used to the rhythm of the parachute, every child got a turn to go underneath as it reached its maximum height in the air. Being under the parachute gave the children another perspective of the up and down movement of the material.

When we went inside and had exploration, Paul and Adi chose to go to the loft and find different materials to continue watching them as they fall. We added ping pong balls this week and that brought about a different movement as they fell to the ground and bounced up again.

Questions we are asking ourselves this week related to this interest are…

  • What are other opportunities we can offer to continue exploring how things move through the air?
  • How can we help children understand the fundamentals of how things move?
  • Why are the children so interested in throwing things down from the Loft?

Our Collection of Materials on Light Table

What makes the light table so interesting that many of the children are drawn to it? We placed some new small colorful and transparent cups on the light table together with colored jewels, small wooden colored blocks and other loose parts. Earan and Paul worked on the light table, but then took the small cups and lined them up on the stairs going up to the loft. You could see how focused Earan was to place a specific cube or jewel in the cup. They then made another row on top of the loft. We wonder if the placement of the cups was intentional. Kiki was also drawn to the light table, first looking at and then placing her hand on a colorful pink cup. She then took her hand and started to place small items in the plastic ice cube tray that is on the mirrored table. She continued to work on the light table moving pieces around using both hands.

A question we are asking ourselves connected with the light table is…

What other materials can we put out for the children that will interest them, drawing them in to explore at the light table?

Fabric and how children are using it

This week we watched as the children played with fabric.  It was engaging and purposeful as they took the fabric and placed it over themselves. Celeste and Araz had a conversation as they played: Celeste, “There are monsters.” Araz turned and said “Celeste come in here.” Their conversation continued as they both hid under the sheer white netting. Araz said “Celeste this is our tent. Let’s hide in here Celeste.” Celeste answered back, “That’s not our hiding spot.” Araz replied, “This is our home.” It was a great conversation to listen to as they continued to play. The next day we decided to put out different fabric and drape them over some chairs. Adi noticed and decided to sit on it. Adi said, “this is a horsey” as he sat and fell down. Araz came over and got under the fabric and saying, “I’m a little mouse. I’m going under there. I was hiding” Araz told Celeste to come in and Celeste replied “you like girlfriends. I’m going in by myself.  My babies are in here, this is the tigers cage.” The play could have gone on forever, but it was time to clean up.

Questions we are asking ourselves this week related to this interest are…

  • Why do children love to cover their heads and their bodies?
  • How does it make them feel?

Reflection for next week:

Next week we will continue to put out new and different materials, continuing to reflect on the questions that were brought up this week.  We will also try to bring in larger boxes to continue our play.

Have a Safe and relaxing weekend with your family.

Love, Ms. Linda