Lizards, Rollie Pollies, and Dads! Oh My!

Lizards, Rollie Pollies, and Dads! Oh My!

Hello Seedling Families!

This week we experienced some of that hot California sunshine! And with it, came some California critters. On Monday William noticed a lizard crawling on the stage outside. He quickly called Zander over and soon the rest of the seedlings were right there looking high in the trees and low under the stage to figure out where that lizard went. The lizard kept crawling in and out of the stage. It would disappear and then suddenly sneak behind them once again. Until finally the lizard escaped through the fence.  Some thought aloud, “he went home”. Inside we discussed what a lizard home looked like and what lizards need. While the conversation began with the seedlings insisting the lizards home is “outside”, when they began building the homes for lizards resembled buildings and homes and other enclosed structures.

On Tuesday the seedlings were “cooking” in the sandbox when William noticed another lizard near the stage. The friends gathered around the base of the tree calling for the lizard.  The lizard climbed up the tree and out and around the branches. The seedlings walked around the tree searching for the lizard. When the lizard stopped at a tall branch the seedlings began bringing the “food” they made in the sandbox to the base of the tree. “Lizard here is your food!” They would shout as they held it up to the tree. “Hot chocolate cookies for the lizards. They have big mouths so they can eat them.” “We are making some for the lizards and some for us”. “Let’s give some to the lizards. Let’s get  a package”. Then some friends got frustrated unable to find the lizard. “Hey he was right here! UGH! LIZARD!! Where did you go?” “Here is your tea, lizard!” As the week went on we began finding other critters such as rollie pollies. We searched in the sand, in the dirt, and even in the plants to find the rollie pollies.





Thank you to the dads that joined us this week! We enjoyed having you here to share our day! It meant so much to not only your own seedling, but to the class and school as a whole. We love how involved our families are and hope to continue to increase that involvement and participation. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to join us!

Have a great weekend and Happy father’s Day!
Love, Ms. Madison and Ms. Lala