Memories from 2019

Memories from 2019


Dear Stems family and friends-

Welcome to the last blog of 2019! This year has been filled with adventures- inspiring conversations, intriguing observations, explorations, discoveries, friendships, and the list of positives continues. We have also had dear friends move to far away places and had the joy of welcoming new friends into our Dot-to-Dot family.

While reflecting on the year and it’s entirety, here are a few images we came across from January-December that were inspiring, smile-inducing, or… simply fun! Enjoy 🙂

Memories from 2019

Here are questions we have and want to return to when school resumes in January-

  1. How do the children see reality vs. pretend?  How do they connect?
  2. Where will the children take the interest of ‘fixing’ machines? Are they interested in the disassembling and disconnecting of the machines, transformation play revolved around the machines, or a combination? Or, is there a different underlying factor that hasn’t been yet exposed?
  3. What about transferring materials do the Stems find interest in? What other materials can we provide for them in this interest that will give them a different perspective or challenge their ‘knowing’?
  4. When Ms. Nora’s class (the classroom to whom we wrote a letter to in Minnesota) writes us a letter and it arrives, how will the Stems respond?

Thank you again for all of your continued love, support, and for joining us on the journey! We wish you a warm and peaceful holiday season and a blessed new year! We will see you in January.

Hugs and love, The Stems Educators