Pouring and Pictures!

Pouring and Pictures!



This week another new friend joined our classroom! Welcome Earendel! We are so excited to get to know you!

Water is always an interest with our young children. We often see them exploring the schema of scooping and pouring the water. However, we decided to try a different way of exploring this schema. We used eyedroppers to suck up the water, similar to scooping. Then we release the dropper into the different container, similar to pouring. The sprouts were really interested in exploring this new method of transporting the water. This activity also helps to strengthen their fine motor muscles

This week our friends were very interested in creating pictures and drawings using a variety of materials. We explored using chalk and chalk pastels on black paper. We used pens in our idea books. We also continued to explore our usual creating materials such as paint, crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Perhaps it was the familiarity of the activity which was comforting in this new space, or perhaps the excitement of new drawing utensils, or just the need to get their ideas out on paper,  but the sprouts just kept returning back to drawing throughout the week. While we are drawing and creating often, it was just interesting to see the groups repeatedly return to the table to write and draw.

Have have a great weekend!

Love, Ms. Linda, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala