Rain, Rain Come and Play!

Rain, Rain Come and Play!

This week we will discuss: Building, Boxes, and Rain! 


Over the past few weeks the sprouts have been expanding their building.  The structures have become more elaborate and representations of real life.  This week they have begun adding new materials to the creations.  The wooden dowels and small color blocks have been a new piece to their creations.  Though we still find similar patterns of bridges and ramps, there are also cars, stairs and diving boards being built.  This representation of real objects is allowing the sprouts to use real world in their play.



A few weeks ago our class recieved a few boxes to explore. Over the course of the past few weeks the boxes transformed from tools to build with to surfaces to poke holes into. We poked so many holes into the box that pieces began breaking off creating even bigger holes.  Noticing the continued fascination with boxes (and the need for a less scraggly, crumbling box)  another box was donated to our classroom. It has been interesting to see the play that has occured and the differences and similarities between the old box and the new one. With both the old box and the new box, the play began with sitting inside of the box and hiding. The new box contains flaps which allows the box to be completely closed, whereas the old box was U shaped and couldn’t be closed. Due to this new feature of the box, the interest is focused on enclosing friends within the box. Some friends however, still are seeking to poke holes into the box. We are interested to see where the exploration of the new box takes us, and if it continues down the route to hole poking destruction or if the play transforms and follows the focus of enclosing within the box. While hiding inside of the box many transformed the box into an ice cream shop. They closed the flaps and peeked their heads over and shouted “ice cream!”



The rain strikes again this week.  Though it was much more than usual, the sprouts still had a quick interaction with the rain and puddles.  They always love to get wet and messy during this time of year especially.  When the rain and puddles were gone the next day, they took it upon themselves to create their own.  The sprouts recycled the rain water in the sensory bins, and poured it onto the ground to create more puddles on Thursday!  Soon they were splashing around again, however this time in the warm sun!



When we saw that the children were poking holes into the box, we wonder what exactly their interest is. Is it the destruction of the box, the force and pushing objects through the box, watching objects disappear into the box and reappear on the other side, the sound it makes when they continuously poke holes through, or something else. Is it because maybe its a taboo thing? Outside of school they are not encouraged to destroy or deconstruct things?

Please send extra clothes: socks, underwear, pants, shirts, jackets, and shoes!! Rain or shine we will be going outside! 

Have a great weekend!
With love,
Ms. Shawna, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala