Rain rain go away!

Rain rain go away!

Hello! This week will discuss: the rainy weather, holes, mark making, and new materials

The rain this week gave us an opportunity to better understand the sprouts knowledge of “what is rain?”  Before beginning play on Wednesday, we sat and observed and discussed.  “What do you see?” “How does it feel?” were a few of the questions asked during our rain observation.  There were some friends that did not want to get wet and found shelter under the arch.  While other friends ran and played in the water no matter how wet they got.  Did you know that the fresh air is actually good for our health, even if it includes getting a little wet?  After each rainy day, we immediately get the children into dry clothes to prevent them from staying wet and cold all day long.

We have noticed the sprouts were no longer interacting with drawing spaces that had old markings.  To re-invite them, a clean wall paper was added, along with clearing the chalkboard.  This caught the sprouts interest and their drawings continued.  While sharing the space, they made markings which represented themselves.  Some markings big and bold, while others were small and controlled.

This week a new material was added in the classroom and on the playground.  We have been calling them “prickly pine cones”.  The sprouts have been exploring the new materials in many different ways.  While on the playground it became food and building materials.  Inside the class they were used to enclose themselves or create shapes.  Every environment and each child had a new and interesting view.

Towards the end of last week, we noticed the sprouts were pushing pencils and markers through the cardboard box.  We discussed what happens when we push these materials through the box.  As their exploration progressed, we observed them leaving the pencils hanging out and pushing them straight through.  We have introduced styrofoam and wooden sticks to add to the hole explorations.  The sprouts resorted back to the cardboard after noticing the pushback from the styrofoam.  We are curious where this exploration will take the sprouts next.


So where does all of this take us?  As the sprouts continue to explore their hole making, we encourage you to think of materials around your house that can also be used in the same way.  Do you notice these same patterns at home?  Also continue the discussion about rain and the weather change during your drive to school and home.  Next week will be a short week, with the holiday on Thursday and Friday.

Have  a great weekend!
love always, Ms. Shawna, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala