Responsibilities, Connecting, Tracks, Sensory Bin

Responsibilities, Connecting, Tracks, Sensory Bin


Dear Stems families-

Hello and welcome to this weeks blog! The Stems have been busily engaged in a variety of explorations from writing, to mixing colors, to connecting, to transformation play and storytelling, to building, to collaging, to exploring in the sensory bin, etc. Amidst all of the engagements and explorations, in this blog we will cover the following-

  • Responsibilities
  • Connecting
  • Tracks
  • Sensory Bin


During morning assembly on Monday, the Stems were shown a variety of images (ex. a picture of the water bottle basket, a picture of the lunch carts, a picture of paper towel and spray, a picture of dishes, etc.) and they guessed what responsibility would be associated with each picture. After discussing the responsibilities that the Stems could sign up for,  the list was printed off. On Tuesday morning as the Stems arrived, they signed up for the job they wanted to have for that week! Take a look at the responsibilities below to see how your child can assist with responsibilities at home!

Here are the list of responsibilities the Stems can choose from-

  • Table Wiper
  • Water Basket Helpers
  • Shoe Basket Helper
  • Sweepers
  • Dishes Helpers
  • Lunch Cart Helpers
  • Door Holders
  • Book Shelf Arranger

Along with responsibilities comes independence. We want the children to become more independent in putting their socks and shoes on, on putting their lunch cart on the shelf, picking up their water bottle, etc.

You could support your child in this area by encouraging him/her to assist in responsibilities at home as well as being more in charge of his/her daily needs.


As mentioned last week in the blog, the Stems have shown interest in connecting!

This week, we saw the continuation of spider web constructing on the stage! The Stems strung string from fence area to fence area across the stage. They connected the string from stage area to an anchor on the ground, creating webs of string! The goal was to catch spiders and objects, however- the Dots discovered that they also caught humans as their feet and legs would get caught as they attempted to climb and crawl through the strings! 🙂

We also observed connecting in the tinker tray! A few of the Stems used yarn, pipe cleaners, tooth picks, metal loose parts, and mini clothes pin to string and attach pieces together. We also observed the Stems using one of their more-recent skills- tying(!) to connect materials together.


We have a couple of Stems- Asahi and Dax who are fascinated by racing cars. They would take the cars and push them across the floor and run around the room with the cars as though they were speeding next to each other. The boys were interested in drawing tracks last week on a larger piece of poster-card paper. However, the paper appeared to be too small as they quickly were distracted and didn’t return to the tracked paper.

This week as provocation, we laid out clear cellophane paper with permanent markers on the floor. The two boys drew, “lines for their cars” across the length of the cellophane and pushed their cars across it. They even started to build with blocks across on the cellophane. However, being that cellophane is thin and fragile, the tracked paper ripped and didn’t seem to be as big of an interest.

On Wednesday, we taped down 3 large pieces of white paper onto the floor in the block area to see if the boys would use the paper to race their cars on. When the boys arrived, we noticed they did arrange blocks on their paper and pushed their cars a couple of times down the paper. Interestingly enough, the paper seemed to invite the paper to build on it.


We also observed some of the Stems building structures using blocks, cups, and loose parts around the block area.


Sensory Bin

These past few weeks, we have noticed that in the sand area outside, the Dots continually take sand and mix it with water and/or woodchips- mixing, scooping, pouring… mixing, scooping, pouring. This week in the Stems room, we added flour, ingredients in salt/pepper shakers, and various containers into the sensory bin.

The Stems have had a blast exploring with the flour mixture! You may have even noticed that your child has gone home with flour in his/her hair, clothing, and shoes!


Have a safe and wonderful weekend!  Ms. Sondra & Ms. Krista