Roots: All streams lead to the ocean

Roots: All streams lead to the ocean

February 21, 2020

Welcome back Roots families! We hope you enjoyed the long weekend, we have been hearing stories of the fun had with families at home.

In this week’s blog, we will be discussing

  • The wooden structure. How everything from home depot is being used.
  • Clay, it’s back!


Clay was in the Roots class for a long time. We used the natural tool to help build fine motor skills when an interest in writing made its-self present. We have been seeing all the emergent interests coming full circle in the classroom. Clay work is one of them. Now that it is back, we are working with it in a new way. It was first introduced on the light table. We took the time to learn all the steps to working with clay, then brought in shapes for them to create with. The next step is creating a permanent sculpture or design. When they were able to see how hard and dry clay becomes when left out, they noticed right away, we can make our own marbles, in every size we want.

The structure

While pouring water down the slide outside we overheard many friends saying “all streams lead to the ocean.” “How far will the water go?” “We have to stop the trash here before it reaching the ocean.” We saw this as an opportunity to introduce water into the classroom in a purposeful way. As part of exploring water, we asked: “Should the water sit in a bin all the time?” “No, water is for plants”, they replied. We saw how they noticed details outside and saw the beginning of spring in their environment. The educators want to support this by recreating what they found inside the classroom. This has led to more knowledge being shared about plant life. It also serves as a visual aid for how much water we are using.

Next week, we will continue to work on our structure by adding the rest of the items that were obtained from Home Depot. We will also continue to finish the sound helmets with Ms. Amy. It is important that these decisions are made as a class because this project was created from the ideas of the Roots. We are here as educators to support these ideas and help implement them. Our Made Visible project is growing so much and we cannot wait to see how the next few weeks will impact the final product.

Have an amazing weekend! ~ Roots family