Roots: Busy building, planning, and going

Roots: Busy building, planning, and going

February 14, 2020

Welcome back Roots families.  It’s been a busy week putting all our plans into action.

We will be looking at:

Wooden structure (Made Visible Project)

The Museum of Making Music field trip

Home depot field trip


Wooden structure (Made Visible Project)

The wooden structure in the classroom has helped the Roots class to come full circle. They are connecting and using all the tools we have been teaching them. They have plans written out so they won’t forget what they wanted to add. They talk to each other to make it a truly inclusive group project. Teamwork is building and pushing us forward. Clay was set out on the platform table. The Dots came to use the clay, but this time to design marbles made out of clay. They are expressing they want all different sizes, so what better way to test it out!

The Museum of Making Music

The Roots have been relating music-making, vibrations, and sounds to the pipes in the wooden structure.  They noticed each pipe makes a different sound, and each container to catch marbles reacts differently.  They have also been using their pipes to project their voices.  The Museum of Making Music gave us a chance to build on their knowledge of instruments and how the sounds are made. Thank you to the parents who volunteered!


Home Depot

We took a field trip to Home Depot to look for items that we could add to our wooden structure for Made Visible. Before going to Home Depot, we talked as a class about what items we thought we should look for while there so we would have an idea of what aisles to go in since Home Depot is very large. We decided that we wanted to go into the plumbing aisle, tool aisle, roofing aisle, and air duct aisle. We also went into the store with pictures of specific items that we wanted to look out for as well.


We had a very productive week that expanded our knowledge and imagination. It gave us great ideas moving forward in our classroom and with our Made Visible project. We are so proud of how the Roots have been growing and learning. We will build upon these newfound ideas for weeks to come.

Have an amazing long weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday!

~ Roots family