Roots class, saving the ocean

Roots class, saving the ocean

March 6, 2020

Welcome Back Roots families. This week we are wrapping up loose ends, and continuing the Made Visible projects we have been working on for so long. We wanted to express that the projects will not end in the classroom after our Made Visible event. Made Visible is a way for us to make what we are learning in the classroom visible, and have the community involved in our process.

This week we will be looking at:

How working on a large project helps to strengthen young minds

The Wooden Structure

And new discoveries outside


We were playing with splat balls on the glass window one morning. The class was watching it splat opening really big then slowly move down the glass. One friend got a little over excited and threw it too hard and it went straight up onto the ceiling. Now our tomato looking squishy ball was stuck!  We took this time to stay back and see how the Roots handled a group dilemma.


“We have a problem! It’s not coming down!” Logan

“Oohh no, wait it is moving a little.” Rianne

“Hahaha, it looks like a melted tomato.” Zion.

“We can use the things from the structure!” Charlotte

“We can’t use the tubes that are taped to the structure though.” Logan

Wooden structure

We added the final section to the wooden structure. The terrariums were inspired by the class layering their art and an interest in the “enveloping schema” which has been a large part of class sense the beginning. To go with pouring, and sliding items into place we set up pipes leading to the largest glass container. They drew out plans, and designed exactly how they wanted it to look, but also the steps needed to get there.

New Discoveries outside

As a child, the playground is wild and full of possibilities. The slide becomes a waterfall, or a river to the ocean. It is also a time when children are free to experiment with new concepts, and to share knowledge. We noticed this happening between a group of friends. Evan was trying to climb up the slide with his shoes on. He kept trying, and slipping, trying again, then sliding down. His group of friends were watching from the bottom. Parker watched, then tried with a running start first. Finally, Kaleb spoke up. They had seen him do it many times.  Take a look at the photos to figure out what he had discovered and communicated to them.

Along with new discoveries outside, the Roots are still exploring concepts that have been consistently showing up while outside.


The Roots daily show their interest in writing and expressing themselves through drawing. It’s always amazing to see when their drawings have to do with the interests that they’ve been exploring inside and outside of the classroom.

We are so close to Made Visible! The children have been putting so many amazing additions to the structure and to the sound helmets over these last few months. We cannot wait to share their creations with you all! Thank you for all the love and support!

Have an amazing weekend! ~ Roots family