Roots: Spring in our step

Roots: Spring in our step

February 28, 2020

Welcome back Roots families! The class has been continuing to surprise with the amount of growth they are doing. Every week is an adventure.

This week we will be looking at: writing and reading and how that has emerged, outside play, Made Visible and how the emergent project has helped strengthen and influence each other.

Writing and Reading

Writing and reading in the Roots class has become more important to them, therefore taking an important role in exploration time. We noticed the class’s interest in writing with their creation of “crab school.” This gave us a window into how they wanted a tailor-made school for them to learn areas specific to their interests and needs. Some would have a school made just for using tweezers to build the pinching muscles, while others only read all day at “crab school.” We still have a shelf in the classroom that they are free to use at any time, but the need for “crab school” has passed. Instead, they are freely practicing letters, reading, and writing.

Outdoor Play

There was a lot of exciting exploring happening during outside play this week. We have noticed the resurfacing of the concept of creating a dam and a continuation of the flow of water.

Made Visible

Made Visible is almost here! The class has stayed at this project for a couple of months now. It is growing every day, and is truly an adventure. They are learning about all areas of life in this project.

We will continue to observe and grow with our Made Visible project, as the day to share our work this far is coming up very soon. Thank you for being on this journey with us!

Have an amazing weekend! ~ Roots family