Seedlings: Happy Holidays

Seedlings: Happy Holidays

Welcome Seedlings Family!

Note:  We apologize for the lack of photos this week.  We have had a few issues with the uploading process.


As the seedlings have been growing into the independent beings that they are, we have decided to work on specific self help skills each week.  We hope that this will allow the seedlings to grow their self help skills as well as learn from their peers as they work together.  This week we are working on putting on our socks and shoes.  As the socks can be a little harder for the seedlings – especially when flipped inside out – that is our first step.  The seedlings love taking their shoes off during their day, so the next step is putting them back on when it is time to go outside or go home.  If you could encourage your seedling to continue working on this skill at home, they will be mastering their shoes in no time!  Please be sure to check out the new “self help” documentation board in the classroom when you return!  This will keep you up to date with the skill your seedling is working on each week.

The seedlings were introduced to Ms. Amy’s beading boards this week.  They immediately put their focus on getting the beads onto the tooth picks.  As they stack the beads, they are each creating their own patterns and designs on the stick.  This is also working their very fine motor skills as they have to precisely get the tooth pick into the beads’ small space.  Once they finished stacking the beads, they pulled out the tooth pick and watched as the beads rolled off.

The seedlings have also continued to create and build  with the various connecting materials; small bottles, tinker toys, pipes, stacking connectors, etc.  While they are at home with you during this break, try to pull out house hold materials that could continue to grow this interest.  We look forward to hearing about all of the fun adventures taken when we return next year.


-Ms Madison & Ms Shawna