Seedlings: Human Pendulum

Seedlings: Human Pendulum

Hello Seedlings Family!  We would like to welcome Andrea to our Dot to Dot family.


The seedlings continued their human pendulum painting with Ms. Amy this week.  Many more friends participated in the activity this week, as we were in the comfort of our own classroom.  We also had assistance from a Stem helper, who assisted the seedlings in swinging.  It was interesting to watch the  various styles of each child.  Some kept their bodies completely flat the whole time, while others bent their knees.  The next day we tested the swing out with markers and paper.  The seedlings were still very much interested in swinging on their bellies.  However, this time we noticed they would hold the marker still and allow for the movement of their bodies to create markings on the paper.  This allowed them to view the motion of their body.



The seedlings have been transferring inside and outside of the classroom this week.  At our mirror table, there has been tongs with loose parts, in which the seedlings have been investigating.  The tongs support their fine motor skills which prepares them for future writing.  This also gives them the confidence to be more independent during snack times and use the tongs to serve themselves.  During outside exploration, the seedlings began scooping and transporting water to the sand box.  From there, they would mix the water with sand or woodchips.  Soon they were working together to fill containers and/or mix up the sand with water.



Have a good weekend!

Love, Ms. Shawna and Ms. Madison