Seedlings: Our reflections

Seedlings: Our reflections

Hello seedlings family!  We had a very wet but busy week in the seedlings classroom.  Our week started with puddle explorations and discussing playground safety during the rain.  The seedlings love to jump and splash in the puddles, no matter how big or small they are!  Some seedlings even took a closer look with the small tubes on our loose parts shelf.  By Tuesday there were rainbows in the sky and everyone on the playground stopped to admire the colors.


During observations we have noticed the seedlings enjoy working in enclosed spaces.  We further explored this interest in two areas of the class.  During art with Ms Amy we explored a mirror enclosure.  With the mirror tables flipped on their side and gathered in an arch, the seedlings were able to view themselves in multiples.  A few seedlings noticed if they laid down the could see themselves upside down even!  This enclosure gave a completely different perspective to the way we see the world, as the mirrors give multiple reflections.

We also created an enclosure exploration with a table flipped completely upside down.  At first it became another area for the seedlings to interact with the animals.  However, as the week went on it became an area for the seedlings to enclose themselves.  By Friday we had created our own little house.


Our newest light table material this week is colored salt.  On Monday, the seedlings helped to mix food coloring and salt.  Once it was mixed, we added it to the trays on the light table.  Tuesday morning the seedlings discovered the salt and began to explore.  Some thought it was “playdough” while others were interested in crushing up the left over chunks.  As the seedlings moved the sticks in the salt, the light would shine through leaving the markings they created.  By the middle of the day, the seedlings had transported the animals into the sand.

In addition to the sand, this week the seedlings explored another interesting material: Oobleck! Oobleck is a combination of water and corn starch. When mixed together the substance becomes a Newtonian fluid. This means it has properties of a liquid and a solid. It can be held in your hand in a small clump like a solid for a few seconds and then instantly “melts” and slides through your hand like liquid. The seedlings loved to scoop it up and watch it “fall down” from the spoons. We also investigated what happens when we scoop the oobleck into a colander.


— Ms. Madison & Ms. Shawna