Seedlings: Welcome Madison and William

Seedlings: Welcome Madison and William

Hello Seedlings Family!  We welcomed Madison and William to the seedlings class this week.  We are so excited to learn, play and grow with them!

There has been so much explorations in the seedlings class this week!  Let’s start with the continuation of cleaning that they have REALLY loved!  *We even posted a little bit about it on the Facebook page, check it out when you get a chance!*

As mentioned last week, the seedlings were loving to clean the toys and class materials with soap, water, and sponges.  Of course anything involving water is always a favorite for 2 year olds!  This week the seedlings did a lot of painting and cleaning.  They have painted various materials from rocks outside, to the animals inside!  After painting, they always take the toys and painting tools to the sensory bin and start washing away the paint!

We had art with Ms. Amy outside on the playground this week!  The seedlings laid down on their belly in the swing and used the motion of their bodies to paint.  They really enjoyed this new perspective as they hung freely in the swing.  Some of the seedlings even used their legs for momentum.  Ms. Amy added a post to the facebook page this week, giving more details on why she chose this activity and how it fulfilled the seedlings interests.


Lately the seedlings have been very interested in drawing and making marks in their idea books.  No matter how big or small, simple or complex these markings are, the seedlings are growing their motor and pre writing skills.  These books are found on our art shelf.  Each seedling has their own book with their picture and name on the front cover.  As they search for their book, the seedlings are also working on recognizing their name.  These books are one of many tools around the seedlings classroom that instills the beginning concepts which build the foundation of learning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Ms Shawna and Ms Madison