Self-Portraits, Collaging, Webs

Self-Portraits, Collaging, Webs


Dear Stems families and friends-

Welcome to this weeks adventures! In this weeks blog we will cover:

  • Intro
  • Responsibilities Exploration
  • Self-Portraits
  • Collaging
  • Webs


First of all, we want to share some exciting news with you-Ms. Cynthia became a mama a couple of weekends ago and delivered a healthy and beautiful baby boy! We also warmly welcome Ms. Sondra into the Stems class as the 2nd teacher! Please introduce yourselves to her when you’re in the room. We are happy to have her as part of our team!


We ended last week Friday by participating in cleaning and taking care of our space inside and outside. The wiping of the tables and counters was a big hit! This week we have been exploring and discussing daily and weekly responsibilities with the Stems to then put together a list. This list will be a living document in the classroom where children will sign up for their daily roles, as they come in and check in with myself and Ms. Sondra, as well as choosing a weekly responsibility from the list. Take a look at some of our ideas from last Friday and this week:

Rianne proactively chose to clean the slide steps with the brush she found in the sand area!

Pheobe stayed focused cleaning the leaves of the plant as well as watering it after.

Very popular cleaning activity, that led to a lot of negotiations and team work!

This week in collaboration and reflection with the children we have complied a list of their ideas:

  • Sharpening pencils – Eden
  • Cleaning with after we play – Phoebe
  • A book helper pick up all the books – Samanvi
  • A fixer helper – Delfina
  • Lost and Found helper – Eden
  • Helping the classroom be clean when your friends are not helping- Hank
  •  When you be responsible you have to do everything good and that is responsible- Smayana

Educator Analysis and Reflection:

We will be creating a responsibility list for the class and practice signing up for the daily and weekly responsibilities with children. Be on the lookout for the list as you will be our biggest partner in making sure the learning and thinking extends beyond our class and Dot To Dot.

Self Portrait exploration 

A self-portrait is an intimate bold declaration of identity. In her self- portrait, a child offers herself as both subject and artist. When we look at her self-portrait, we see a child as she sees herself. The story of self-portrait work is a tender story to tell. (95) Malaguzzi, L., & C. Musatti. 1996.

Phase 1 of Self-Portraits

This week the children started on their first self-portraits as Stems by using dry-erase markers to create their image on mirrors. It was really interesting to observe how the children reacted to their reflections! Some of the children seemed to be shy as they looked at their reflections, some of the children started smiling and grinning at themselves as they illustrated, and some of the children started laughing and making faces.

Why we work on self portraits and what it teaches us about children:

There are many important factors behind children and self-portraits. Creating self-portraits are a way for children to express who they are as an individual as well as explore their sense of self and others.

Here is a great article that goes further in depth about self-portraits and the psychology behind them:


What did we learn and where are we going to take exploration:

  • We are going to have each Dot see themselves in the mirror in the small group and explore, discover how they see themselves in close interactions with themselves.


“An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color” 

  • Aditi below working on cutting small pieces of paper and gluing them to create her ” scary Fire dragon”
  • Smayana making a small kitchen for kids out of pieces of paper and then gluing them to create

We ask ourselves: How do we use collaging to focus on solving problems, making hypotheses, and developing concepts with the children?

The children have shown us their interest in creating lines when building, drawing, and writing. Collaging is another inserts where we see their strong attention to composition with unifying lines and colour. We provided a variety of paper, glue and collaging supplies to see where this exploration can take us in discovering their stories.

“Stairs for her house.” You can see the layers in Aditi’s sculpture when she held it vertically. She then laid the ‘stairs’ horizontally flat on the table and said, “It is going to stay, I am going to make a fence home for my stuffies”


You may remember last week’s blog when the Stems spoke about finding a nest for the spider they found. As a continuation from that, the Stems created “spider webs” by using string and yarn to connect and wrap around the stage areas.


Moving onto next week-

  • Small group mirror exploration for self-portraits
  • Responsibilities
  • Enclosures (“forts”)
  • Small groups

Have a wonderful and safe weekend-

Ms. Sondra, Ms. Mazi, Ms. Krista