Sprouts 2019 review

Sprouts 2019 review

Thinking back on the past year, the strongest word that comes to mind is change. New friends joined us, old friends moved on to other schools, we entered a new classroom, met new teachers and even were blessed with new life.

We started the year in the small seedlings classroom, then suddenly our name changed and so did our room! We had blossomed into sprouts and grew into our big space. When our new friends started we saw lots of tears and heard many cries for mommies and daddies. Now those same friends have become strong within dot to dot. They comfort and welcome new friends, they create and explore new activities, and they are independent leaders.

Not only have they grown individually, they have also grown together. The friendships they have made are so silly, and loving, and we love to see the fun they have together.

While lots of things have changed this year, a few things have remained constant: our gratitude to all of you, and the love we have for your kiddos. 

Thank you for supporting us, for joining us on this journey and for continuing to grow with us in the new year. 

With love,