Sprouts: Block Placement and Musical Instruments

Sprouts: Block Placement and Musical Instruments

February 1st, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

We continue to keep a close eye on building and how it has transformed this week from last.   Last week we began to notice horizontal building taking place, as our Sprouts began to create elongated structures.  This week we observed an interest in spacing and standing each block tall , creating a domino effect.   One Sprout began to set each block in place across the table and ended with a slight push that tumbled all the blocks in a row.  This immediately caught the attention of the neighboring Sprouts, who then began to take turns.  We noticed that the Sprout began to work his way across the table, using various blocks.  When his first push ended in a sudden stop at the middle due to smaller sized blocks, Ms. Amy assisted our friend in carrying the domino effect through.

Choosing similarly sized blocks all the way through.

And down the go!

This cause and effect is something that we’ve seen previously and that started our building journey, when our Sprouts built as tall as possible to tumble over for a great fall. Many love the effect: the sudden fall that causes blocks to tumble and it’s loud sound! Our Sprouts are beginning to notice this similar effect with new placement of blocks.

Exploring various block placements, while still maintaining height.   Notice the different levels that are being created.  Our Sprouts are creating different falls and sound as they build, tumble over, and rebuild once more. 

Another friend, was also observed standing colored blocks tall, this time arranged in a manner that covered the whole mirror table. Instead of using one block to tumble all over, he chose two marbles to gently release as they moved through the open spaces, in hopes of knocking a block over. We will continue to pay close attention to placement and movement.  We are very curious to see where this new discovery takes us!

Arranging all the colored blocks spaced about evenly throughout the table. The Sprouts are also gaining a different perspective as they see the reflection on the mirrored surface.

Gently rolling the marbles, choosing various open spaces in an attempt to knock over a block.

The vertical structures continue as well, as our friends are exploring once again various placement of blocks. Noticing how a structure stands when it’s foundation is a smaller size.

Noticing their structure wobble as it is only held by a cardboard tube, Shiho helps stabilize the structure as another friend keeps adding.                               “No more tall!” -Shiho, as she gives their creation a push. This is received with a loud cheer!

Our Sprouts love music! After lunch and during circle time, our friends are always asking for songs. We decided why not make our own instruments to encourage more music! Using PVC pipes, our Sprouts created their very own wind instrument. We began by giving our friends an opportunity to decorate their personal piece and with the help of Ms. Amy created holes to create sound. Our Sprouts cant wait to bring our music to life!

After our first attempt using tempera paint, we noticed the paint chipping off, this led to changing and introducing a new type of paint to our Sprouts: acrylic paint.   

Very focused on painting their individual piece, and choosing their desired color. While some chose to cover the pipe in its entirety, other chose to make simple strokes.  We will be adding their picture and name as well for our friends to identify their own.

“All done!” – Megan, as she proudly holds her piece, ready to be dried.

We welcome our new friends, Yuki, Yara, and Camila that are joining our Sprouts family!  We are very happy to have you join us on our Sprouts’ journey of discoveries!


Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia