Sprouts: cardboard, paint and ribbons

Sprouts: cardboard, paint and ribbons

December 5, 2019

Dear Sprouts Families,

We hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving.

This week Valentina started in the Sprouts classroom – WELCOME! She jumped right in to explore and make new friends.

As always, there were lots of things going on in the Sprouts classroom.  In the blog this week we will talk about:

  • The Building area
  • Creative Expression area
  • Ribbons and the loft

The Building Area

We noticed that the children enjoyed playing and building with the boxes. So, we added different materials to the area for them to explore. As boxes were placed on top of each other the children added various materials. Large tubes and small thin tubes were also placed in the building area. One of the materials that was added was a thick piece of cardboard which had many holes poked into it.  William placed some of the colored building sticks into the holes and enjoyed adding animals to his play. Another day Kiki sat and placed many different colored sticks into the holes. Each stick looked like its was put in a spot for a reason.  On another day we placed a different shaped stick by the boxes to see if they would start to use those as well.


We wonder why the children enjoy placing the sticks into the holes in the cardboard. How do the other materials feel when they push those pieces into the cardboard? What other materials can we bring to the building area to continue to draw them into this play? Will they continue to explore the cardboard in this way or will they return to previous ideas with the cardboard boxes?

Creative Expression Area:

The creative expression area is a place where the children go to create and make whatever they choose. Each week we place different materials on the table in this area to invite the children to come, create and explore. This week we placed small boxes with natural materials from a tree and placed them on the table with paint. Kiki and Valentina enjoyed squeezing out the paint.  Araz concentrated on painting the natural materials. But the next day he brought the animals to this area to paint.  Sophia is a big fan of the creative expression area. Once she gets started, she continues experiment painting everything. She then proceeded to paint herself.  Araz noticed this and said “Sophia I want to paint your forehead” Paul then decided to come over and join in.  They both had brushes in their hands and wanted to paint each other.


We wonder what makes it so inviting to Sophia to paint her face when in the creative expression area. How does the paint feel on her skin?  How is this different from using paint on other surfaces?  We also wonder how the creative expression area supports connections and developing relationships between the Sprouts.

Ribbons and the Loft:

Many of the children have found different materials in a small bin with ribbon. We noticed that the children would take a ribbon and bring it up to the loft and dangle it down. We attached a CD to one end to give it some weight and to see what the children would do. Paul brought the ribbon with the CD attached up to the loft and dangled it down. Araz came over and said “Sophia catch it!” Paul was up at the top of the loft laughing. Araz and Sophia were down below under the loft as Paul started to pull up the ribbon with the CD on it. They decide to catch the ribbon and a tug of war began with the ribbon. Other children joined in and the back and forth pulling continued.


What makes it so intriguing that the children want to play with the ribbon? What do they notice about the ribbon when using it from the loft?  How is that different than just looking at or pulling a ribbon on the ground?  How can this simple activity support connections and interaction between two or more children? What other materials can we put out to continue this exploration?

Reflection for next week:

Next week we will continue to build on the ideas being explored by the Sprouts.

  • We will put out new materials that can stretch to build on what they are doing with the ribbons from the loft.
  • We will also try adding new natural materials to the creative expression table for the children to explore and wonder if they will continue with painting materials or painting themselves.
  • We will be adding a new peg board to the building area to support their exploration of the different sized holes in the cardboard.

Have a fun relaxing weekend

Love Ms. Linda