Sprouts: Christmas Gifts and New Additions

Sprouts: Christmas Gifts and New Additions

December 21st, 2018

Hello Sprouts Families!

Our Sprouts were busy this week creating their Christmas gifts! With plaster of paris we created handprint ornaments that our Sprouts had the option to paint and decorate with water colors. Some friends focused on coloring solely their handprint while others chose to color it in its entirety. They were thrilled at the idea of getting their hands on the mixture as it felt very “gooey”.  Many’s initial thoughts were that we were making playdough, as the white plaster mix reminded them of flour,  but as soon as they noticed its liquid consistency, their second thoughts were “milk”.  They soon began to notice how the mixture thickened and was able to hold their hand print, similar to a fossil.  Noticing how quickly the mixture solidified, we soon switched over to individual batches.

Making the plaster and water mixture

Testing to see if the plaster is ready.  It would sometimes take several takes until they felt the mixture was thick enough in consistency to press their hand into.

Using watercolors to add color to their ornaments.  Many were drawn to the darker colors. 

Much of our week was full of excitement for the holidays as we finished up our Christmas projects. Our friends got to continue to work on their hanging classroom ornaments to take home.  They got the chance to add more material from our tinker tray, which consisted of buttons, string, ribbon, fabric, and wooden sticks, as well as choose their favorite sphere.

As the week came to a close, many enjoyed helping to get gifts ready to wrap up.  With many Christmas stamps to choose from, our friends stamped their own label for their special presents for moms and dads.  We hope you love them as much as they do!  We ended the week with our own celebration, doing what our Sprouts love best: baking! Our Sprouts were very hands on mixing the ingredients for some delicious pizzelles, which are waffle cookies.

Taking turns sifting the flour 

While one group sifted, the other group mixed in all other ingredients as the bowls went around the table.  We have our friends count to a certain amount of seconds and then pass along.

We have also continued to add new material into the classroom.  We want to provide various mediums for our friends to create with. This week we brought in styrofoam and quickly our friends began to use it to build using our play dough wire and sticks from last week.  Many also chose to work on their fine motor skills, using scissors to cut through the styrofoam.  The white crumbles reminded them of snow!  We also introduced a small world outdoor playground at our sensory table.  Many were reminded of our own playground and enjoyed using their puppets and people pegs to recreate outdoor play.

Bending the wire to create arcs as homes and using the wooden sticks to build upward.  

Using the magnifying glasses to further explore the scenery and testing out the motion of the small swing with a peg 

A very Happy Birthday to Rianne who turned 3 this week!

Happy Holidays! Have a wonderful and safe winter break!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia