Sprouts: Enclosing Perspective

Sprouts: Enclosing Perspective

February 8th, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

This week there was a re-emerging interest in enclosing.  With a new location of what our Sprouts call “the house,” now currently in our pretend area, the structure once again became a very popular play area.   With a limit of 3 friends within the structure, other friends were eager to create their own space until it became available.  We had several “houses” throughout the classroom, with some friends choosing corners to tuck away, and others opting for fabrics to enclose themselves in.  Within these houses, not only were their bodies being enclosed, but other materials as well.  Enclosing schematic play is also occurring when friends choose to collect items and either hide them or collect them in containers other enclosures that the child has created for them.

Enclosing schematic play can often be seen in the block area.  Here we have a friend who created an enclosure with wooden arcs and began to place other loose material within.  Other times it is seen when a Sprout fills a cardboard tube with material and closes in with a tile or fabric placed on top. 

Within their personal enclosures, our Sprouts play as they would outside of the fabric, spending most of exploration gathering material to play within.  Many times we observe some sort of pretend play, while other times it simply doing activities that they would do outside of the closed space.

Shiho and Cameron created their own space for “two friends only” since the other structure was full. They began by sitting next to one another each reading their own book.

As exploration continued they began to bring in other material, still remaining within their “house”.  “This one is C”-Shiho, as she pointed to the red keys of the xylophone. 

Their play towards the end of exploration became “monster family,” as they built with the unifix colored blocks.

We have been observing that our sprouts choose to spend most of their exploration time within these enclosures, evolving their play as play time continues.  Though the activities they are engaged in change, they still remain hidden away in their own “homes”.  It leads us to ask what is it about these enclosed spaces that the children enjoy?  How is their perspective of their surroundings changed?  How can we further create opportunities for our Sprouts to create these spaces?

With our tall structure, we have begun to add new material within, moving away from the drawing on the walls.  We have been observing the play that occurs and the material that is being transported from other areas of the classroom.  We previously observed, friends tracing the movement of the lines on the walls with their fingers as well as bringing in blocks and other loose parts to build with.  This week Ms. Amy installed a magnetic board on the roof of the house along with magnetic chandeliers.  We allowed for our Sprouts to make their own assumptions of what the new material was, as well as have them discover its magnetic property on their own.  

With its new location,  one of the very first things that our Sprouts noticed was the “window” that allowed for them to peek outside.  They immediately brought in chairs to be able to look out. As they discovered the hanging lights, and realizing that they came off , these friends began to use them as flashlights to look out. 

Logan demonstrating to Megan how the chandeliers can be removed and reattached. This was followed by showing how they can also move across the board.

Reaching up high! Our Sprouts love sharing their discoveries! Hunter showing Clara how to turn on the lights.

Here we have Logan further exploring the placement of the two chandeliers. 

Followed by exploring movement. What happens when I push?  

Can the frame hold the crayons? 

As educators we pay close attention to how the children explore new material.  We are taken on their journey of discoveries as they test different ways of using what they are provided with and make their own conclusions.  We will be continuing adding to their structure next week with the help of Ms. Amy, bringing in new material for our Sprouts to continue exploring and further supporting their enclosing perspective.

The building continues!  This week although the tall structures continued, we were intrigued to observe several of our Sprouts work on balance and stability in their structures using cylindrical blocks. Our group of friends challenged themselves to build upward using non-rectangular shapes as part of their middle layer in their structure.  For sturdiness, the xylophone was used as the foundation for the cylindrical shapes, noticing how the blocks were able to rest on the gaps between the keys.  Our Sprouts then diligently began to build above it, looking for the right sized blocks that their base was able to hold without falling.

Emi carefully setting a block, keeping her right hand ready to hold up any falling piece.

Clara adding a finishing touch to the structure, a final piece for some extra height.

Our Sprouts challenging themselves to use material in new ways! Using their creativity and diligence.

“Now the people!”, ready for move in.  Our Sprouts were very proud of their accomplishment, once they were done with their structure, they began to place the people pegs around the “castle.”

We are thrilled to share these new discoveries and achievements with our Sprouts every week!

A very happy birthday to Yara, who shared her special day with us this week!


Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia