Sprouts: Enveloping and Building

Sprouts: Enveloping and Building

January 11th, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

It has been wonderful having all of our Sprouts together again! We have been observing our Sprouts this week, seeing what new play occurs and what continues.  What we have noticed among several of our Sprouts is schematic play with a focus on the enveloping schema.  This type of play consists of dressing up, hiding under blankets, playing under tables, covering themselves in paint, and any other play that involves covering themselves or objects. This was first observed when we began to notice friends hiding under tables, choosing to sit under our standing art easel, and covering themselves in fabrics.

Taking books underneath tables to read. The bigger picture: As a friend works above them, Clara and Rianne seek that enclosure underneath.

First instincts as adults are often to ask the little ones to come out from under there, but as educators we were curious.  What is it about hiding underneath?  Is it the low level, maybe privacy, or how it makes them feel?  We wanted to see what is it that they do or play under there and what kind of conversations occurred.  We continued to watch, noticing friends pretend play “hiding from monster/bad guy”, as well as taking books underneath to read to one another.

Discussing this with our Art Director, Ms. Amy, we came up with a plan to continue this observation with her.  Our Sprouts were provided with a blank large piece of paper laid out underneath the tables along with markers for them to create and explore working from that lower perspective.   We also rearranged various sized tables to notice varying movement or preference to the different levels.   Many were immediately drawn to the idea of working on the floor and underneath the tables.  Some even began to pretend play stating that they were in a “cave” and began to maneuver their bodies through the gaps in between tables.

We left the arrangement of various sized tables for our friends to continue exploring throughout the week, along with the large piece of paper.  Several continued to use the space, taking a moment during exploration to lay and draw, while others simply laid and further explored the space.  Our plan is to continue observing and introducing various material into the area to further understand what it is about this play that our friends are drawn to.

Building continues to be a big part of explorations as well!  With small carpet strips introduced into the area, many of our friends have been busy at work using their imagination to create.  Some began to use it as part of their building exploring stability and balance, others explored with its flexibility, while some imagined them as “rivers”,”bridges” or “stairs”.

Creating a cave for the bear hunt

One friend using blocks to keep her carpet strips up in a tent, while another friend explores with friction and flexibility 

These last days of the week we have also noticed a re-interest in building upward.  Our friends have been using our cardboard tubes to build vertically up as high as they can reach! With supervision, they are able to climb unto the table to reach high, but many seek to go even higher, going on their tippy-toes to attempt placing more on top.  We plan on revisiting the step-ladder to see how tall we can build!

“My kitty cat!” Clara stepping back and jumping with joy looking at her tall creation for her animal.

A very happy birthday to Shiho, who celebrated her special day with friends last week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia