Sprouts: Exploring Magnetic Tiles

Sprouts: Exploring Magnetic Tiles

February 15th, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

Let us take a moment to put on our child’s goggles and see through their eyes. What does our child see? How do they view the world around them? Their surroundings?  With our recent exploration of the enclosing perspective we decided to think about that enclosed space. What is so intriguing about the walls that surround them?  Through our observations we have observed an interest in drawing on the walls and using these drawings to create a scenario in which they can pretend play.  We observed our Sprouts bring in material, such as blocks to build and to use in further supporting their play.  We thought, what if they can use these walls in other ways.  With the help of Ms. Amy, last week we installed a magnetic board overhead along with magnetic chandeliers.  Our Sprouts turned their attention upward! As they began to explore the movement of the magnetic chandelier, they were immediately drawn to the attaching and detaching of these lights, and having that ability to place them wherever they found suitable for their play.

This week we decided to bring in magnetic building tiles.  Our Sprouts continue to show their love for building, so why not use their new found discovery of how magnets work with their love of building!  Our friends began to make their individual discoveries, with some Sprouts piecing shapes together, while others began their attempt to build upward, just like their block towers.  They began to create “houses,” as walls began to surround their tile base, and roofs covered their finished cube.  Once assembled, within their structure they enclosed personal stuffies and loose material.

Mila connecting the triangular pieces together to form a “pizza”
Rianne and Hunter working together to create a tall structure. One by one they placed tiles vertically to create a cube.
Asahi explored many ways to keep his tiles upward and when successful, built a house for his cars.
With many friends using the squared tiles, Yuki discovered that two triangles could create the same shape.

Emi explored a different foundation for her structure, only using triangles for her base.

As material began to travel, magnet tiles soon ended up within our Sprouts classroom’s “house”.  They soon discovered that these tiles also worked on the magnetic board above their heads!  Initially some Sprouts began to place the tiles flat one by one overhead.  Soon one Sprout discovered that he could build downward, and place tiles in  a way that made them 3 dimensional.  He then began to guide his friends in creating a small structure with him.  Seeing their amazing creation, many other Sprouts began to further explore this new found discovery as they changed their perspective now looking upward.

It sticks! Our Sprouts initially began to place tiles flat on the board.

After a friend discovered he could build downward, Megan and Anvi joined, as the friend first demonstrated how to.

“We have to put the roof on!”- Cameron, as he place the final tile on their house.

 “Our house!” Imagine being a child again and looking up at this view, kneeling down and looking up we found this to be an incredible sight.  Note the “spikey trees” that caught the attention of many other Sprouts that stepped in.

Later in the week, as we planned with Ms. Amy to further explore different perspectives and levels, a new table was added to further expand their “house” creating a lower level for our friends to explore. Once again, a magnetic board was added, and once again our Sprouts began to create!

Smayana was so thrilled every time a piece was added. The girls worked together to decide what pieces to add and where to place them. “You want this one?”- Mila, as she handed and placed tiles.

Piecing together tiles underneath the new table. Camila looking intently as she carefully places her tiles.

With the magnet tiles, we began to notice a lot of side by side building and mimicking among our Sprouts.  With friends creating similar structures using different materials as well as creating the same structure with friends going back and forth placing one tile at a time on their individual creations. Our Sprouts are interacting and developing social and communicative ties with each other through this peer imitation, as we observe our friends not only enjoying themselves through play, but creating social connections with their peers.

Rianne and Clara creating the same house.  Working in front of one another, they mirrored each other in their placement of tiles.

Yuki creating a similarly sized house as Asahi using wooden blocks.

This week we also explored new ways of building in our art area, using packaging styrofoam nuts and toothpicks. Our Sprouts got very creative!


We enjoy every day that we get to spend with your Sprout as we get to witness their curious minds at work.  Let’s keep supporting their creativity not only at school, but at home as well.

A warm welcome to our new Sprout Zion, who joined the Sprouts family this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia