Sprouts: “I spy you!”

Sprouts: “I spy you!”

February 14, 2020

Dear Sprouts Families,

If you walk into our room, you see lots of things going on. A child from another room came in one day and said “your room is so beautiful.” In his eyes it is. There is something about the room that just draws you in. Take a step inside and you feel drawn to the atmosphere with all the materials and things that are going on. You just want to come in and explore and see everything yourself. We call our time together “exploration” for a reason. The children figure things out and make discoveries by exploring. It is quite exciting to see it happen. Each child’s journey is different and we enjoy going on that journey together with them. From discovery comes smiles of excitement and joy. Please come on that journey with us as we continue to work on our Made Visible Project.

This week the blog post will cover:

the Wide Vent Tube

Transformation of Loose Parts

Making Clean up Fun

Wide Vent Tube

At the start of the week Ms. Amy installed another tunnel on the other side of the classroom.  This black tunnel begins at the top of the left side of the loft, stretches out to the other side of the classroom and scoops down to a slatted wooden platform with a purple light underneath it.  At the start of the week our friends were curious to look through the tube but were hesitant to put things inside of it. Later in the week, Ms. Linda brought in a handful of colorful bouncy balls and the children immediately flocked to them putting them inside of the tubing. Araz went to the end of the tube, looked through it and said, “Is any ball coming down from here?!” Paul was at the top of the loft and said, “I threw them down then they go down the track.” Some friends starting putting all sorts of loose parts down the tube; feathers, scarves, string. We asked how can we get them out of the tube? Paul then proceeded to put the tiny “jewels” down the tubing, causing all of the loose parts to come out the other end.



Transformation of Loose Parts

There are so many different materials in our room that add to what is going on in our class. Here are a few examples of the types of materials and how the children have been using them this week…We have many colored scarves that the children use to place in our tubes, or wind tunnel and use to dance.  They have also been using them for transformation play (pretend play). Adi took the green scarf and placed it over his head, while the red colored scarf was transformed into “fire” coming out of Paul’s mouth.  The children have also been finding different uses for the plastic tubes. Vivaan picked up a plastic tube and placed it to his eye, and said “I spy you Ms. Linda.” The plastic tube to some children is a “looking eye-glass” and to another it is a pipe. That’s what is so intriguing to the children, they look at and play with the loose parts and figure things out as they use them on their own and together, side by side touching materials and transforming them into whatever their imagination wants the materials to be. For example, William pulled on the colorful yarn hanging from our ceiling and as some black fuzz came out onto his had, William said: “It’s a bug, it’s a spider.” This use of loose parts as a part of transformation play also happens outdoors, like when Valentina sat digging with a spoon in the sand area and as she placed some sand into a bowl, she said “I’m making cake.” As the children play and discover, they each take their own unique journey.  Anything is possible!

Making Clean Up Fun!

Clean up time, and cleaning up after ourselves is a skill our friends are asked to put into practice every day! With the amazing exploration and imaginations of our friends it can be a hard when the clean up song comes on, because they are so engaged. Others are ready to eat and they eagerly start picking up toys. We try to make this a time of fun, as we ask each child to pick things up.  One thing we do to help with this task is call them by name and ask them to pick up something specific, which helps them feel a sense of ownership and responsibility contributing to the class!  We would appreciate your continued support at home, please invite your children to help you clean up and care for their spaces at home. Our children are very capable little people. We are so proud of all our children with their good manners that they have shown us and continue to practice!

We Wonder: This week we are thinking about what new materials we can put in the room to take things in a new and different direction of discovery?


Have a great weekend!

<3 Ms. Linda and Ms. Becca