Sprouts: “It’s so sparkly!”

Sprouts: “It’s so sparkly!”


Hello Sprouts Families!
As always, we had another exciting week filled with exploration! This week, we welcome a new friend, Brynn, into our classroom! We are so excited to have another smiling friend with us to explore and create memories with! This week we will talk about:

  • Creating Animals
  • Our Field Trip

Creating Animals

As our room transforms into a rainforest garden, we continue to read many different books about animals. Some of the children’s favorite books include Secrets of The Rain Forest by Carron Brown Illustrated by Alyssa Nassner and Secrets of Animal Camouflage by Carron Brown illustrated by Wesley Robins. This week Ms. Amy came into our classroom to do art with the children. We wanted the children to look closely in the tree branches that were in our classroom to imagine what animals are living there.  A large piece of white paper was placed on the floor with many different colored sharpies. Each child was given the opportunity to draw animals of their choosing. 

We listened to the children while they chose their colors to draw and each child explained their picture to us. You could tell that the children had chosen the animals from the stories we had read. Kiki told us she was drawing a jaguar. Valentina said she was drawing a lion with a lot of colors, then she did a ”roar” like the lion. The conversation continued as Sophia said she was drawing a snake, “a big white snake.” Vivaan answered that snakes are scary. Vivaan chose to draw a monkey in a tree. Sophia said “he’s going in there to hide.” William said he had drawn a big bear. Adi picked the green sharpie to draw the “froggys,” but also told us he was drawing a tiger. You can see the creative drawings on our wall in the classroom. Please come in to see and reflect with your child on their pictures.

Our Field Trip

As an opportunity to continue to explore our interest in perspective, the Sprouts’ class took a field trip to the Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma on Thursday.  We connected with perspective and point of view as soon as we drove away.  Earen from the back seat remarked as we went down the freeway ramp, “We’re going down!”and “a bridge!”  The curiosities we explore within our classroom reach our way into our children’s thinking whether it is consciously there or not! The Cabrillo National Monument was an amazing experience for our friends, they were able to explore expansive views of our beautiful city. As we stood on a massive hill, the city was beside us and the ocean was below us.  When our friends looked down we heard a lot of “Whoaaa” and “It’s so sparkly!”  A very special treat was being able to go up to the lighthouse.  What was so fun was the tall, winding staircase, much taller than the loft staircase, which they noted, and when we reached as far as we were able to go there was a window for them to look out of! It was a truly amazing way to spend our day!  We look forward to seeing how this experience will connect with the work that the Sprouts are doing in the classroom.

We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

<3 Ms. Linda and Ms.Becca