Sprouts: Loft Play

Sprouts: Loft Play

May 17th, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

Our Sprouts love their loft! From their initial plan of wanting books and pillows, we have been observing a shift to more active play as they have used it for trajectory, building, and imaginative purposes.  We began observing transporting of material, specifically building material, from ground floor to loft.  As provocations were set up below, these building materials were asked to be brought up high for play.  This week we wanted to open up the space, simply bringing all our wooden blocks high and removing everything else.  The floor was covered in white paper for our friends to document their play.  We joined our friends up high as we listened and observed.

Our Sprouts were initially excited for the paper, laying down as they created a variety of lines and letters.  Soon their play became inspired by such lines.  As one friend drew vertical orange lines, her imagination led her to begin creating lines on her own body, as she slowly became a tiger! Others began to join and soon after we had mighty tigers roaring as they skied on their “ski trip” (moving on to use the blocks as a tiger nest, mountains and skis).

Inspired by their hand drawn lines.These lines were soon transferred over to feet, making their way to face as they slowly transformed into tigers!

Roaring and climbing the mountain as he hops of his skiis!

The space soon became an old house! “We’re fixing old building with our tools!” Friends began to strategically place blocks all along the railing as they first laid out the pipes for their home.  Using L shaped blocks as hammers, they began hammering away as they moved their bodies down the line of balanced blocks “securing” each one.  When asked about these pipes: “The pipes have water. They go under.”

Carefully laying down the pipe work, keeping his gaze on the block as he places gently.

“They’re a little wobbly. I got this!”-Kyle, as he grabs his tool and begins to inspect and fix the blocks.

The following day, the house play continued.  Friends now having their home, switched from placing the foundation of the house to “putting up the pictures”, and”setting up the tv”. Still using their tools to secure down items.  Once finished, others joined in by adding on to the home as they began to use the markers on the plexi glass to draw their beds and long wooden planks as fences against the windows.

After placing the pictures, the television (the long board)  was secured.

“I’m making a bed. I’m making a looong bed.”- Clara as she  begins to draw out her bed for her home, Rianne helping her create a very long bed.

Individual house building then continued as friends began to create their own homes.While some focused on height and others on shape.

Intently looking at her creation as she decides what to add next.

“I’m making a rectangle house!”- Mila as she pieces together blocks to create her home.

Using other loose material to create homes.  The strips of pipe cleaners (the food) first laid out before building her house.

During assembly we asked our Sprouts to tell us more about these creations and play we had been observing.  They began to tell us about the loft being an old house that needed fixing and how they were building a new house. They began stacking the wood on the roof so that nothing could enter (“So no things come through the top”).  When questioned about the pipes, they began to talk about water needing to run through the pipes and how they needed pipes for the toilet.  The beds were drawn because they needed somewhere to sleep, which had then led our friends to use the empty block bins as a physical form form for their “beds”.  As for the blocks acting as pictures, these pictures were of themselves as they personalized their home.

We love hearing our Sprouts and watching their imagination play out.  This fascination for fixing and creating homes is one that has been observed before as our friends explored their enclosing schema.  With the loft providing a larger enclosed space that is now open to freely build and create, we look forward to what new and old ideas will be explored by our Sprouts. We enjoy seeing our friends be inspired by their surroundings and one another!

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia