Sprouts: Movement and Transportation

Sprouts: Movement and Transportation

June 7th, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

We began the week with a beautiful nature walk as we explored Dot to Dot’s surroundings.  Immediately our Sprouts’ attention was drawn to the garbage truck parked across the street. Intrigued, once we found a grassy spot, our friends lined up to observe the truck. They began talking to one another about whether it was a garbage or recycling truck and where it would go next. “He’s going to go that way!” (pointing to the intersection),  “He’s going to pick up the people’s trash.” They gazed out watching its lights flashing and attentively listening to the sounds, anticipating its next move.  As it began to drive off, our Sprouts cheered with excitement as they finally go to see it go!  We then continued on to some nearby climbing trees as our friends explored their own body movements, maneuvering their bodies through, around, and up the low branches.  Some friends, discovering rain puddles on the floor, began to explore the movement of water as they picked leaves and swirled them creating ripples.

One friend explaining that because it was blue, it was a recycling truck.

Our Sprouts love climbing! They work together to make space for one another.

Using sticks and leaves to move the water around, watching leaves and mud swirl round and round.

Movement and building continue to be a prominent area of exploration in our class. Our Sprouts love finding, creating, and discussing objects that create movement. Inside the classroom, we began to observe friends building trains (another form of movement and transportation) as they used the blocks to line the railings of the loft.  A group began by placing flat blocks horizontally all along the back railings followed by vertical blocks above them.  When we reflected as a class on what we observed, our friends explained that they were making a train to take the packages away. They began to explain smaller details, of how a friend’s bracelets were laid out because they were what made the train move, with one friend stating “the train take you to the rocket.”  Another friend also created his own train with the same purpose of moving packages (different sized and shaped blocks).  He explained the process of how the packages moved throughout the train and the different mechanisms that helped the package make his way through and out for delivery.


Creating his train, purposefully placing each block.

Traveling his package through the train as he explains its various parts. “It turns the package, then launches off !”(pointing at two blocks that sandwhich the ‘package’ , turn it, then toss it out to the side). 

“We got space books!” Friends were excited to see new space books added to the book collection as they continued with their rocket play.  Friends looked through the pages as they noticed the various colors of the planets, discussed the many parts of a rocket ship, and imagined the rockets path and destination.

Following the path with their fingers as they narrate where the rocket is traveling.

Play continued under the enclosed area as they began to invite others with “here comes the astronaut!” as one friend replied with “Are you blasting off?! Are you going to the moon?” with much excitement.  Their attention was first on  building their rocket so that it could be ready for them to use.  Using loose parts as pretend tools they began placing screws and rocket parts as they hammered away. Making sure that their creation was ready to transport them into the space.

“We’re building a big rocketship! Bzz, bzz bzz.” “Let’s put the screw inside here!”

Seeing an interest in various forms of transportation and movement, we opened up a discussion about what helps things/people move.  Trains, rockets, airplanes, boats! were the responses that our Sprouts gave as they began to talk among themselves about which one was the fastest and why, “it goes on water”, “it goes on air,” because they have wheels. ” Our Sprouts are intrigued not only by watching objects move, but by how it is that things work to create such movement which allows for them to imagine and build their own creations.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia